Pokemon Sun And Moon Limited Edition 3DS XL Now Available For Pre-Order

Pokemon Sun and Moon is just a couple of months away and with Pokemon Go already released; Pokemon craze in the world is all time high. We thought that it could not get any more exciting for Pokemon Sun and Moon, and then Nintendo revealed Pokemon Sun and Moon Limited Edition 3DS XL.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon limited edition 3DS XL comes in black color with two legendary Pokemon Solgaleo and Lunala etched in white on the front. On the rear side of this handheld near the battery cover, there’s subtle grey artwork of the pair too.

To get this limited edition 3DS XL you will have to pre-order now. There are two bundles that include this limited edition 3DS. For £179.99 fans of the Pokemon will get the Pokemon Sun and Moon Limited edition 3DS XL, a hard protective carry pouch which is also themed to Pokemon Sun and Moon and a free 3DS power adapter.

However, for £224.98 fans will get the limited edition 3DS XL, a steelbook pack and you will also get a copy of either Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon. This more expensive bundle will also include the hard carry case, power adapter, a steelbook copy of the game of your choice and figurine of the corresponding legendary Pokémon.

In related news, The Pokemon Company has announced that new Pokemon Sun and Moon announcement will come on August 1st. However, the company did not specify about what will be revealed. Judging by the previous announcements, it is possible that more Pokemon will be revealed.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is being developed by Game Freak, and is scheduled to release on November 18, 2016 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

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