Pokemon Sun and Moon Leak Reveals Starter Evolution, Gym Leaders and More

A Pokemon Sun and Moon leak has possibly spoiled a great deal of the game’s content. The leak came from a Chinese NeoGAF user, but at the same time we have no idea of these leaks are genuine or not. If they are, then you might want to avoid this article for spoiler purposes. If they aren’t, you can laugh at the outlandishness of some of these.

First off, the Pokemon Sun and Moon leak gave out a great number of information dealing with Pokemon that have yet to be revealed. For instance, the game’s starters, Rowlett, Litten, and Popplio evolve into an archer, a wrestler, and a siren (not an emergency siren, it means a Greek monster that lured sailors to their deaths with beautiful songs) respectively. If Litten is indeed a wrestler in its third form, we may be looking at yet another Fire/Fighting-type.

Also included in the Pokemon were other upcoming ones that included a mushroom, a dolphin, a sea cucumber, a snowman, and a thing called a rugby monkey, whatever that means.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon leak also brought up areas called “districts”, which are guarded by powerful Pokemon known as Overlords.

One of the most outlandish things in the leak, however, is a complete dynamic change in the game. If the leak is correct, there will be no Gym leaders in the game. This staple of Pokemon, which has been with us all since the very fist games, may not happen this time around.

Instead of Gym leaders, you’ll be forming a Pokemon League of your own, fighting gym leaders known as “Island Leaders”. However, there will be an Elite Four at some point in the game, maybe in the post-game content.

The various diamonds that are seen in the game’s logos are also mentioned in the Pokemon Sun and Moon leak. Like the Ash-Greninja form in the Pokemon anime, trainers may be able to “merge” with their Pokemon, acting as one (and providing an explanation for why you apparently fall unconscious after losing a battle). These will also include super moves on the same sort of power as Mega Evolutions, called “Super Moves”.

Something that’s more plausible is that you’ll be able to ride other Pokemon, such as a Stoutland (as seen in one leaked screenshot).

Whether this leak turns out to be true or it ends up being bupkis, it’s important this time around to remember not to freak out. We’ve still got several months until the game comes out, after all.