Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Mission Has Achieved Its Goal Of 200,000 Hatched Eggs

Pokemon Sun and Moon global mission goal has been met by the players, as per the latest update the players have managed to hatch 400,00 eggs in total, hence completing their target.

This is the fifth Pokemon Sun and Moon global mission, this mission went live on 27 March, and is still ongoing, so players still have a chance to get 2,000 FC points, 4,000 FC points and a Love Ball.

The goal of this fifth event was to hatch a minimum of 200,00 eggs, to get started the players had to visit the festival plaza and talk to castle’s receptionist.

After talking to the receptionist, players get to discover these eggs, when they leave their Pokemon at the Pokemon Nursery in Paniola Ranch or Akala Island. The Pokemon Breeder outside the nursery discovers the egg, only if the player leaves a male and female Pokemon that belongs to the same group.

Player then should walk around with the egg until it hatches, since this can take quite some time and players are not usually that patient. Players can speed up the process by keeping a Pokemon with a flame body, so the egg hatches twice as fast.

No wonder mine hatched so fast, I had a Macargo in my team, here I thought I completed the walking goal. *what a bummer*

Hitting the 400,000 hatched eggs target allows members of PGL to get a Love Ball, but if you failed to complete the target but contributed at least three hatched eggs, then you will still get five rare candies as a reward.

Pokemon limited time events are a good chance to get rare items, and this time the reward is a Pokeball. If the gender of the wild Pokemon and your Pokemon is the same then catch rate of Love Ball increases.

Pokemon Sun and Moon global mission continues until Monday 10 April 2017 and is currently available on Nintendo 3DS. So players still have a chance to experience this limited time event, so sign up now.

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