Devs Discuss Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola Forms Designs

The devs of Pokemon Sun and Moon sat down with Kotaku recently to speak about the Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola Forms and their designs, one of the most distinctive things about the new generation. Alola Forms are different forms of certain Pokemon that change their looks and typing.

Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Omori, both of Game Freak and being the two project leads on Pokemon Sun and Moon, have worked on the Pokemon games for a long time, and will be doing a question and answer session on Twitter on November 18, when the games come out on the Nintendo 3DS.

While taking an analogue to evolutionary changes in response to other bits of the environment (for instance, Rattata has gone Dark and nocturnal to keep itself same from the Yungoose that were supposed to control their population), Some of the Alola Forms just get silly, such as Alolan Eggxecutor, which turns stupidly tall and becomes part Dragon-type.

According to the devs, the reason that Alolan Eggxecutor is like that is because the sun in Alola is strong enough that the Pokemon keeps growing and growing, so instead of the really short Eggxecutor we get in other regions, the ones in the Alola region get very tall.

The devs have also discussed why they ended up making the Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola Forms. Since Sun and Moon will be releasing on Pokemon’s twentieth anniversary (since the first two games, Red and Blue, came out in 1996), they believed that it was time to put in new surprises, ones that were both new and funny such as the Alola Forms.

While we don’t know if other Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola Forms will be coming out with the full game (though considering the demo unintentionally leaked what might be the game’s full Pokedex, we might have already), we can only look forward to when the games release to see what other surprises await us in the Alola Region.