New Pokemon Snap Sudden Movement Request Guide

In this New Pokemon Snap Sudden Movement Request guide for the Switch game, we’ll be taking a look at how you can complete the Sudden Movement request and tell you how you can take a 4-star photo of a Tangrowth. Let’s get started!

New Pokemon Snap Sudden Movement Request

In this quest that Rita gives you, you need to take a picture of a Tangrowth in the nighttime of Florio Nature Park.  Rita herself couldn’t take a picture of the creature, and now she wants you to do it.

The aim is to get a 4-star photo which you can’t do unless you encounter the creature at night time. Even though you can see the Pokemon in the daytime, the most you can do is to take 2 or 3-star photos despite the fact that you might get amazing angles at day.

Florio Nature Park (Night) level 1 provides you the first opportunity to see Tangrowth on the right side after you cross the first bridge. But for the interaction you’re looking for, you need to reach level 2.

At level 2, you will be able to see Tangrowth in the same direction but a little bit farther this time. Remember that you need to take a photo as soon as the Pokemon gets airborne where it spreads its arms and that is the moment you can get a 4 Star photo.

How to Take a 4-star photo of Tangrowth

As the request name implies, you need to make Tangrowth do a sudden movement. So, you need to hit it with a illumine orb to make it leap across the air with its arms.

To nail the photo, just right after you hit, move your camera above it and to the left. As soon as it gets airborne and gets in the frame, snap a photo, and it will surely come out to be a 4 star. Take a couple of burst shots to help you out.

You need to make sure that you time your shot precisely as the creature flies away extraordinarily fast. To make things easier, you can increase the camera speed, which we’ve mentioned how to do in our tips and tricks guide. Nevertheless, you can complete the request with a little bit of practice as to where to keep the camera after hitting Tangrowth.

Don’t worry, as it might take a few attempts to actually take a perfect shot. If you are lucky enough, you might do it in one go!