New Pokemon Snap Jungle Buddies Request Guide

One of the requests in the Jungle (Day) course of New Pokemon Snap is Jungle Buddies. In this New Pokemon Snap Jungle Buddies Request guide we will let you know how you can complete the Jungle Buddies quest easily and make sure that you take the right picture to complete the request.

This quest is given to you by Rita and she requests you to take a picture of Whooper and Bounsweet playing together so you can see how cute they look.

New Pokemon Snap Jungle Buddies Request

Rita gives you this quest at level 2 or higher in Jungle day tour course. Also, this quest becomes available only if you have the Melody Player. The target Pokemon are Whooper and Bounsweet.

The first thing you need to do when you are in the spawn location is to play the Melody to lure Bounsweet out in the open. Near the hill next to where Slaking is, start playing the Melody. Eventually, Bounsweet will be seen flying over the hill and will start to follow you.

Now you need to find Whopper, but Whopper is under Arboks intimidation so he’s hiding. Arbok will be found hissing at the poor Pokemon and you need to help him to bring him out in the open to achieve your objective.

To spook Arbok way you need to get hold of a Fluffruit and throw it right at him. Arbok will start to retreat and flee away. Once Arbok is gone, Whopper will eventually start feeling comfortable and will come out of his hiding spot.

Bounsweet and Whopper will subsequently get closer to each other and they will greet each other and that is when you need to take a photo of them together as Jungle Buddies! Take out the camera and make sure your focus is on Whopper as only then the quest renders complete.

Once the quest is complete you can move on to the next one, there is no reward for this quest.