How To Order Secret Menu Item For Medali Gym Test In Pokemon SV

Visiting towns and defeating Gym Leaders to earn badges is the main goal of any Pokemon Trainer. Sometimes, you can’t...

Visiting towns and defeating Gym Leaders to earn badges is the main goal of any Pokemon Trainer. Sometimes, you can’t directly battle the leader and must go through a test in order to access them.

One such gym leader is Larry who is located in the town of Medali. To battle him, you must solve the Secret Menu Items puzzle.

In this guide, we will show you all the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Secret Menu Item Answers.

How to solve the Secret Menu Items

Entering the Medali Gym Building will lead you to an NPC at the desk who appoints you a task to find the clues for the “Order the secret menu item!” puzzle and figure out what the Menu items are.

Clue #1: How do the regulars season their dishes?

You can start off by taking the clue from the Medali Gym and head over to the Treasure Eatery to come across an office employee at the bar. This NPC will give you your first clue which is the first Secret Menu item “Lemon”.

Clue #2: Odd one out at the ice cream stands

Visit the central part of the city to find Adara. Defeat them to receive the next clue. Head over to the ice cream stand nearby to find the second Secret Menu item “Grilled Rice Balls”.

Clue #3: A dark spot surrounded by stairs

Visit Gisela to come across a student who can be found exactly at the amphitheater stairs. You must defeat her to acquire the clue. Head down the area to the barred door to receive the third Secret Menu item “Fire Blast”.

Clue #4: Listen really closely to the Blue Bird Pokemon

Head to the side of the road to find a student called Santiago. They will be asking “anyone here is taking the Gym Test”. You must defeat Santiago and cross the road to the man with the Blue Bird Pokemon who shouts the last Secret menu Item “Meedyum / Medium”

Head back to the Treasure Eatery and order the ingredients in the same manner as listed below:

  • Grilled Rice Balls
  • Medium Serving
  • Extra crispy, Fire Blast style
  • Lemon Garnish

Once the puzzle is solved, you can battle Larry at the Restaurant to earn the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet badge.

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