Pokemon Quest Cooking Guide – How To Cook, All Cooking Recipes, Ingredients, Effects

Cooking is a good way to add more Pokemon to your arsenal. This will be vital to your progression throughout the quest. Cooking requires a few basics nailed down before you can move on to the recipes and understand how it works, and this Pokemon Quest Cooking Guide will teach you exactly that.

Our Pokemon Quest Cooking Guide will lay down the basic mechanics of cooking for you and will provide you with some recipes and their effects so that you can get started.

Pokemon Quest Cooking

In order to cook in Pokemon Quest, click on the Base Camp icon that can be found towards the bottom right corner of your screen. You will move back to your camp. Here, look at the cooking pot on the ground. Tap it and decide which ingredients you want to place into the pot. Once you have paced the ingredients, you can move ahead and cook your meal.

You will be able to see how many expeditions are required until your meal is done at the top of your pot. You will also have the easy option of spending PM Tickets to instantly cook the meal. These meals will then attract Pokemon to your camp and they will be deployable instantly.

Pokemon Quest Cooking Recipes

Let us go ahead and take a look at some of the recipes and what they will yield you.

Red Stew a la Cube
This will net you Red Pokemon and requires Tiny Mushrooms as the ingredient.


Yellow Curry a la Cube
This requires Apricorns as an ingredient and will attract Yellow Pokemon to your camp.

Blue Soda a la Cube
This requires Bluk Berries as an ingredient and yields you Blue Pokemon.

Mouth-Watering Dip a la Cube
You need blue things and soft things to make this. This will get you Water Pokemon.

Gray Prridge
Fossils will be needed for it and you will get Gray Pokemon.

Sludge Soup a la Cube
You will need mushrooms and soft things. You will get Poisonous Pokemon in return.

Plain Crepe a la Cube
This will let you Normal Pokemon if you have a few gray things and a lot of soft things.

Mud Pie a la Cube
Minerals and soft things will net you ground Pokemon.

Brain Food a la Cube
You will need sweet and hard things for this. You will get Psychic Pokemon.

Stone Soup a la Cube
For this soup, you will need minerals and hard things. You will get Rock Pokemon for your trouble.

Veggie Smoothie a la Cube
Plants and hard things will combine together and get you grass Pokemon in your camp.

Swole Syrup a la Cube
This syrup gets you fighting Pokemon. To make it, you will need a lot of sweet things along with a few mushrooms.

Hot Pot a la Cube
Red and Mushrooms are needed. You will get Fire Pokemon for your trouble.

Watt a Risotta a la Cube
This will get you Electric Pokemon. For making it, you will need many soft things and yellow things.

Mulligan Stew
The ingredients for this can be anything. Your reward will depend on whatever it is that you add into the stew.

Ingredients and Combinations

Let’s go ahead and take a look at which one of the categories every ingredient in the game qualifies for. After that, we will take a look at some of the easy and well-known combinations to make some of the recipes that we have mentioned above.

  • Tiny Mushrooms: Red, Soft, Small
  • Fossils: Grey, Hard, Small, Minerals
  • Honey: Yellow, Soft, Precious, Sweet
  • Bluk Berries: Blue, Soft, Small, Sweet
  • Icy Rocks: Blue, Hard, Precious, Minerals
  • Apricorns: Yellow, Hard, Small, Vegetables
  • Big Roots: Big, Red, Soft, Precious, Vegetables
  • Balm Mushrooms: Grey, Soft, Precious, Mushrooms

Pokemon Quest Known Combinations

Watt a Risotto

  • 2 Tiny Mush + 2 Honey + 1 Apricorn

Get Swole

  • 2 Berries + 1 Honey + 2 Tiny Mush

Red Stew

  • 5 Tiny Mush

Blue Soda

  • 5 Berries
  • 4 Berries + 1 Tiny Mush
  • 4 Berries + 1 Apricorn
  • 4 Berries + 1 Fossil

Yellow Curry

  • 5 Apricorns
  • 4 Apricorns + 1 Berry
  • 2 Honey + 3 Apricorn
  • 2 Honey + 2 Apricorn + 1 Berry

Mouth-Watering Dip

  • 3 Berries + 2 Tiny Mush
  • 3 Berries + 2 Big Roots
  • 2 Berries + 1 Icy Rock + 2 Tiny Mush

Mud Pie

  • 3 Tiny Mush + 2 Fossil
  • 2 Berries + 2 Fossils + 1 Tiny Mush
  • 2 Icy Rock + 1 Honey + 1 Tiny Mush + 1 Berry
  • 2 Tiny Mush + 1 Icy Rock + 1 Honey + 1 Fossil

Veggie Smoothie

  • 3 Big Roots + 1 Balm Mush, 1 Apricorn
  • 1 Big Root + 1 Balm Mush + 3 Apricorns

Honey Nectar

  • 3 Honey + 2 Berries
  • 2 Berries + 2 Honey + 1 Apricorn

Brain Food

  • 3 Berries + 2 Apricorns
  • 3 Berries + 1 Apricorn + 1 Fossil

Stone Soup

  • 3 Fossils + 2 Apricorns

Mulligan Stew

  • 3 Fossils + 2 Tiny Mush
  • 3 Fossils + 2 Berries
  • 3 Apricorns + 2 Berries
  • 3 Apricorns + 2 Tiny Mush
  • 2 Berries + 2 Apricorns + 1 Fossil
  • 2 Berries + 2 Apricorns + 1 Tiny Mush
  • 2 Berries + 2 Fossils + 1 Apricorn
  • 2 Berries + 2 Fossils + 1 Tiny Mush.
  • 2 Icy Rock + 2 Tiny Mush + 1 Fossil
  • 1 Icy Rock + 1 Berry + 1 Honey + 1 Acorn + 1 Fossil

Plain Crepe

  • 3 Berries + 2 Fossils

Sludge Soup

  • 3 Tiny Mush + 2 Balm Mush

Stone Soup

  • 3 Fossils + 2 Apricorns

Light as Air

  • 2 Fossils + 2 Big Roots + 1 Icy Stone

That is all we have for our Pokemon Quest Cooking Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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