Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Combat Guide

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Steven
Combat in Pokemon games might seem a trivial affair but it is actually a very delicate matter. One wrong move, whether it’s an ability use or a Pokemon selection can mean the end of a hard fought battle.

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Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Combat

While raising powerful Pokemon definitely helps in winning, there are a lot of other ways to gain an edge over enemy Pokemon. These can be usable items, held items, mega evolution and various other techniques.

Items increase the efficiency of a Pokemon in some certain aspect for the duration of the battle. The effects are lost when a Pokemon is withdrawn.

X Attack: This item increases the Attack stat for the battle.

X Sp. Atk: This item boosts the Sp. Atk stat for the battle.

Dire Hit: This can only be used once per battle and raises the critical hit ratio of a Pokemon. There are some consumables which can be used outside of battle to give Pokemon a persistent edge which doesn’t wear off over time:

Protein: Increases the Attack stat of a single Pokemon.

Calcium: Increases the Sp. Atk of a single Pokemon. There are some items which while being held, increase the effectiveness of a Pokemon. These items can be reused again and again and on different Pokemon.

Expert Belt: Increases any move’s damage by 20% as long as it deals super effective damage. Can be found in the Trick House.

Muscle Band: Increases the damage dealt by physical moves by 10%.

Wise Glasses: Damage dealt by special moves is increased by 10%.

Life Orb: Increases damage from moves but each move also causes the holder to lose HP.

Choice Band: Attack is boosted by 50% but holder can only use one of its moves.

Choice Specs: Boosts Sp. Atk by 50% but holder can only use one of its moves.

Held items not only help with attacks but can also help a Pokemon survive a long and tough battle. Items like Leftovers restore a little HP every turn. Pokemon can hold berries during fights and use them whenever it is appropriate to cure conditions.

Held items can also be used with moves for devastating effect, an example of which is the combination of Razor Claw and Shadow Claw.

Razor Claw is a held item that increases critical hit ratio, combining that with Shadow Claw, a move that already has a high critical hit ratio can deal a huge amount of damage to enemies.

Abilities: Abilities don’t just increase damage from attack moves but they also have a variety of other purposes such as protecting from specific type of attacks or inflicting status conditions. These abilities are determined by its species.

Even if a species has two possible abilities, the Pokemon can only have one of them. Players should opt for abilities that activate whenever their Pokemon enters battle, such as the Intimidate ability. This saves the player a move since they can just attack when it’s their turn and the opposing Pokemon has decreased Attack from the start of the battle.

There are some other useful abilities such as Compound Eyes which activate when a Pokemon uses a move. These are highly useful in some situations. Knowing the benefits and weaknesses of all abilities is essential.

Players should try to use abilities which prevent or decrease incoming damage from enemies. Abilities like Levitate are situational ones but highly useful. A Pokemon using Levitate can’t be damaged by ground type attacks.

Mega Evolution: With the right Mega Stone, certain Pokemon can undergo a Mega Evolution during battles. This not only boosts their stats but also grants them immensely powerful abilities. Mega Evolution has its disadvantages too though.

While a Pokemon holds the Mega Stone, waiting to Evolve, it can’t hold on to useful items like Berries which might help it survive if the opposing Pokemon is deadly and relentless.

Mega Evolution isn’t also a true Evolution as the effects wear off after the current battle and the Pokemon returns back to its original form. Mega Stones are usually available by defeating various Super Ancient Pokemon while some can be acquired by completing story events.

Battle Formats

Single Battle: This is the traditional battle style where each team battles with one Pokemon at a time.

Double Battle: Each side battles with two Pokemon at a time. Attacks that can damage both the Pokemon at a time a very useful here.

Multi Battle: This is like double battle but instead of one player controlling two Pokemon, there are four players each controlling one Pokemon. Players are divided into teams of two so they only have to worry about their own Pokemon and not their ally’s.

Triple Battle: Each side battles with three Pokemon at a time.

The Pokemon on the left and right have a limited range, depending on their move while the one in the middle can hit all three enemy Pokemon. These battles are extremely challenging and require players to constantly shift positions of the Pokemon.

Rotation Battle: This is a hybrid between single and triple battle. Each side sends out three Pokemon but only one can attack per turn, while the other two can use their moves, they can’t attack.

Horde Battle: players have to send out one Pokemon against five opposing, which are actually weak compared to the player’s Pokemon. Moves which deal damage to multiple enemies are highly useful here.

If players intend to catch a Pokemon during a Horde Battle, they need to first defeat all the others and then capture the one they want.

Inverse Battle: This battle includes a twist to the single battle. Moves which are normally super effective against a certain Pokemon type turn out to be not very effective in these battles.

An example of this would be a Fire move which would normally do insane damage against a Grass type Pokemon but in this battle it would barely harm the opposing Pokemon.

Building a team

Building the best team is highly crucial to becoming a master trainer. When designing a team, players shouldn’t just focus on damage type or defense type Pokemon, instead their team should be versatile and comprised of various abilities and type of Pokemon.

Each type has its strengths and weaknesses and building a versatile team helps players overcome the weaknesses of individual Pokemon. Each type also has certain immunities which prevent status effects or super effective damage on them:

Normal: Immune to all Ghost type moves.

Fire: Does not become Burned.

Grass: Immune to Leech Seed, power and spore moves.

Electric: Can’t be paralyzed.

Ice: Can’t be Frozen and doesn’t take damage from Hail.

Poison: Immune to poison and badly poison condition.

Ground: Immune to electric type moves and takes no damage from Sandstorm.

Flying: Immune to Ground type moves and doesn’t take damage from Spikes or Toxic Spikes.

Rock: Takes no damage from Sandstorm.

Ghost: Immune to Normal and Fighting type moves as well as moves and abilities that prevent escape or switch out in a battle.

Dark: Immune to all Psychic type moves.

Steel: Immune to all poison related moves and condition as well as Sandstorm damage.

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