Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Kangaskhan Storage Guide

Now that Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX is out on Switch, you will have probably be jumping on to the game and figuring out aspects of it. One such side to it is a sort of bank or stash system known as Kangaskhan Storage. Our guide to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Kangaskhan Storage will help you understand how this stash works.

You can store the extra stuff you do not need in the Kangaskhan storage which will be kept safe while you explore the dungeons. In this guide, we will explain all the things you need to know about Kangaskhan Storage!

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Kangaskhan Storage

The Kangaskhan storage facility allows you to free up space in your bag. By leaving items in storage, you will free up some space in your bag, allowing you to pick up more useful items you find in the dungeons!

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, you will lose all of the items that are on you when you are defeated in a dungeon so always make sure you put useful items you don’t need right now in storage before heading into a dungeon.

However, any item in storage will be safe and will not disappear if you are ever defeated in a dungeon. Store excess items and take only those items which you need before going on a job. And Kangaskhan facility provides you the storage help. It is free to use and does not require any money to deposit or withdraw items.

How to use the Kangaskhan Storage
Using the storage facility is pretty straightforward. Talking to Kangaskhan and selecting “Store” will let you put any items in your inventory into storage.

You can store as many items as you want in the Kangaskhan storage.

If you ever need to take items out from the storage, talk to Kangaskhan and select Take Out. You will then be shown the items in storage.

Choose the items you need to take them out of storage and into your inventory. There is also option to sort items by name to make it easier to find the item you are looking for.

You can further filter to locate specific items by applying filters when going through Kangaskhan’s storage! Sort through different equipment, stones, wonder orbs, food, PP, and more!

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