Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Thunderwave Cave Walkthrough

The following Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Thunderwave Cave Walkthrough will explain to you how to get through the first 2 levels of Mystery Dungeon DX, Tiny Woods and Thundercave.

Both of these levels act as tutorial levels and help players grasp the basic controls and mechanics of the game.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Thunderwave Cave

Tiny Woods

Objective: Rescue Caterpie. Caterpie is lost in the Tiny Woods and it is up to you to go and find him, and bring him home to his mother.

Enemies: Pidgey, Exeggcute, Sunkren, Wrumple

Before the dungeon begins, you have to fill out some questions, that determine which pokemon you should play as.

You can, however, completely ignore their choice and choose whichever suits you best according to your own judgment and playstyle.

Second, you get to choose a partner you get to have along with you on your journey. Since this the first and tutorial level, any pokemon team can be picked as the enemies won’t be that hard to manage.

Once you are done with choosing your pokemon, go on and start the dungeons. Watch the initial cutscene and get informed on your objective. Once the cutscene ends, start the search for Caterpie.

Keep in mind that as this level is a tutorial level, do pay attention to the cutscene and all pop up tip boxes to get better grasp at all the mechanics.

Caterpie can be found in B5F. You do not need to take down all enemies to end the dungeon. Once you get to Caterpie, the dungeon will automatically finish.

Thunderwave Cave

Objective: Rescue Magnemites

Enemies: Ratatta, Elekid, Nidoran, Voltorb, Poochyena, Plusle, Minun.

The level also acts as an extension to the tutorial. Although it won’t hold your hand, it does help you understand some of the advanced techniques and mechanics of the game.

Your Rescue team will, however, be officially formed in this level. You choose the teammates and think of a name.

Once your Rescue team is formed, you get  Rescue Team Starter Kit is then delivered to you through mail and will appear in your mailbox.

After all this is done, soon another message will appear in the mail. Interact with the mailbox and here you are tasked to go to thunder cave to rescue Magnemites.

Magnemite can be found in B6F. Fight your way down there to get to him and finish the dungeon. As most of the enemies here are Electric-type, Ground pokemon prove much helpful to take out the resistance.

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