Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Pokemon Square Guide

In this guide, we shall be discussing the Pokemon Square and all the facilities included inside that place. To learn all about the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Pokemon Square, which serves as sort of a town center in the game, read on below.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Pokemon Square

Starting out we will say that your base of operations is known as Pokemon Square. It has many useful facilities as well as Pokemon residents that can help you out on your journey. Other helpful places in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX are as follows:

The Kecleons’ Shop
This shop is present in the West of the town and your Poke money can be put to good use here. You can purchase items that would be very helpful for your adventurous journey. You can get the following items from this shop:

  1. Max Ether for 100 Poke money.
  2. Health Orb for 100 as well.
  3. Oran Berry for 25.
  4. Pecha Berry for 12.
  5. Reset Orb for 300.
  6. Blast Seed for

You can also find these shops inside dungeons. They usually get their stock in a day so if anything is out of stock; you’d need to wait a day.

Felicity bank
This is where you can deposit the excess money you have and keep it safe because even if you are defeated, this money wouldn’t be lost. Even if you faint in a dungeon, all your money would be lost.

Wigglytuff’s Camp Corner
This is a unique store where you can get camps that you can use on the field. You can get a power plant camp, rub-a-dub river camp and many more camps from this place.

Kangaskhan Storage
In this storage area, you can store any excess items that you can get later on to use in your adventure. So even if you are defeated the items that you stored here will still remain.

Gulpin Link Shop
This is where you can spend your Poke money to combine your attacks allowing you to make very amazing combos that can help you deal great amount of damage to your enemies. Using these linked moves will make you hungry faster to remember to keep money on hand.

Makuhita Dojo
In this dojo you can train your pokemon to level them up using the Dojo Drills where they would be taught about the harsh dungeons and how to get through them. Dojo Tickets are needed to train with dojo drills. You get more EXP the more pokemon you beat. You will get more experienced in getting through the dungeon.

Pelipper Post office
This is the place to go when you have to take part in rescue missions for your stranded team mates. There is a bulletin board outside the post office where all the requests are present and these are updated after every 24 hours. You can accept 8 jobs at a time.

Luminous Cave
This cave is where you go in order to evolve your pokemon. When you complete the main story of the game, this will be unlocked.

So in summary, Pokemon square is like the center where all the activities are carried out that contains many stores and tons of pokemon to help you with your journey.

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