Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Mt Blaze Walkthrough

This walkthrough will cover Mission 8: Vs. Moltres at Mt. Blaze in Mystery Dungeon DX. If you are struggling, read our complete Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Mt Blaze Walkthrough.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Mt Blaze

We will list every Pokemon and dungeon in the area while providing some useful tips and strategies for proceeding. This includes the boss fight at the end against Moltres.

Below are all the Pokemon you will find in the Mt Blaze area of Mystery Dungeon DX.

Pokemon Type
Arcanine (Fire)
Fearow (Normal, Flying)
Magby (Fire)
Numel (Fire, Ground)
Pidgeot (Normal, Flying)
Rapidash (Fire)
Slugma (Fire)
Torkoal (Fire)

Preparation for Mt Blaze
There is a Kangaskhan Storage just before Mt. Blaze. It is located to the right of the mountain. You should visit it to prepare for the trek ahead. Store any items that you feel you won’t need there.

Also, be sure to bring some Oran Berries and Rawst Berries for when you have to head to the dungeon. This is because a Burn status will deplete both your Pokemon’s Attack stat and HP so you must have these at hand to heal your party.

If you don’t have any Rawst Berries then head to the next floor right away to automatically heal all Status effects.


Lapis Cave

No. of Floors 14
Rewards Bronze Dojo Ticket

We recommend having your team be around Level 20 at this point. The Lapis Cave dungeon does not allow you to use any Pokemon aside from your Starter and Partner.

The Pokemon you should keep an eye out for are Bagon and Nidorina. Nidorina’s Growl can lower your Pokemon’s Attack, and Bagon’s Attacks have higher PP so you must be careful.

You will also encounter some Poison-Type so we recommend bringing along Cubone as either a Starter or Partner.

Mt Blaze

The Floor Is Lava!
Yes, you heard us right! The ground beneath you is surrounded by several lava pools that will instantly inflict the Burn debuff on you. So it goes without saying that you should avoid them at all costs.

Turning on the Auto system in the dungeon will ease your burden by having you automatically avoid the lava.

Rely On Your Existing Allies
When you’re playing this section, the only new ally you can gain is Absol. Meaning you’re limited so you must rely on who you’ve already got in your party.

You also have limited options in regards to leveling up or collecting helpful Items so you should stock up prior to entering. You can level up and collect items through the Dungeons Rock Path and Snow Path.

Moltres Boss Fight

You will encounter this Pokemon on the third floor and must beat it in order to pass. This fight might be difficult since you only have two Pokemon available to you at this point. They should be Level 20 when attempting this.

Moltres can boost its Travel Speed through Agility so that it can land multiple hits in each turn. You should also watch out for its Ember attack that can hit multiple targets.

We recommend going with Water, Rock and Electric-types since Moltres is strong against Bug, Fighting, Fire, Grass, Ground, and Steel ones.

If you want to recruit him then deal the finishing blow. You should bring along a friend bow just to be on the safe side.