Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Felicity Bank Guide

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon has a dark souls styled loot and exploration system, meaning that each time you die you will lose all the items and money you had on you at that time in the dungeon. To ensure that doesn’t happen, you can make use of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Felicity Bank as we will explain below.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Felicity Bank

Now you would ask how to make sure to keep farming for Poke Money and not risk losing it? This guide exists to help you do just that using the Felicity Bank in-game.

Persian is the guardian and the receptionist of the bank. Talk to him to get a list of options, which include:

Deposit: You can deposit as much or as little money you want in the bank.

Withdraw: you can withdraw as much or as little money you want from the bank.

Daily Present: Not only can you use the bank’s services for free you can earn a random reward from Persian the first time you use the bank in a day.

Now all the money you stored in the bank is as safe as it can be and it will still be there no matter how much you die dungeon crawling.

Then there are the Bank Orbs, which you can bring along with you to dangerous dungeons, and then you can store money in the bank without actually going to one, even if you are in the middle of a dungeon.

Use them sparingly though because these are rare one-time use items and they are hard to come by.

So that is how simple it is to store your hard-earned money after a day out in the dungeons or before a day out in difficult dungeons to save them from being lost in case you get knocked out.

Keep in mind, the Felicity Bank is just a storage for money. To store other valuables, you can use the Kangaskhan Storage.

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