Pokemon Masters Tips – Getting Started, Sync Pairs

Pokemon and DNA announced new game named as Pokemon Masters and Pokemon fans are excited to try this out. To get going in the game you need to understand some steps first to run the game smoothly. Here are some useful tips from our Pokemon Masters Tips guide on this brand new addition to the Pokemon world.

Pokemon Masters Tips

To get going in the game, you will play as a Pokemon master and compete in a World Pokemon Masters battle competition.

It’s a 3 vs 3 battle and to participate in this battle you must go through a journey of collecting some badges from the Pasio Island. It is necessary to have five badges to compete in WPM.

Along the journey through the Island, you will meet other trainers and you can strengthen your relationship by fighting battles and increasing each-others numbers.

You just have to play along with the story, compete in battles and make as many friends as you can.

At the start of the game, there are 22 unlockable characters through the story mode. You can also unlock other trainers by scouting. There are many sync pairs available in the game some through story mode and some through scouting.

Players can play with any sync pair they want and they will be able to go through story mode with not so much of difficulty and it would be really good to invest in all the trainers but here is the list of best sync pairs for the new players.

Story Characters (Recommended)

Sync Pairs Role Explanation
Skyla and Swanna Support Skyla has really good speed and the Def buff she uses is great for supporting and it can help the team push and attack faster.
Rosa and Snivy Support With the use of “Let’s Energize!”, Rosa provides 3 move slot gauge points that help Pokemon attack in succession and faster.
Hau and Alolan Raichu Striker They are the strongest special striker of the story and hitting for AoE damage is invaluable for really quick clears.

Scouting Pairs (Recommended)

Sync Pairs Role Explanation
Brendan and Treecko Striker (Physical) Treecko can buff himself and can land some really serious crits that make him a versatile Striker. The damage output through Leaf Storm is very high.
Olivia and Lycanroc (midnight form) Striker (Physical) Lycanroc has a high self-synergetic potential that covers Attack, Accuracy and Critical Hit Rate. He also gains and self-speed buff when a critical hit lands.
Phoebe and Dusclops Support Dusclops provide a wide variety of support from critical hit to attack up for the team. He provides the ability to pass on half of his buff to teammates when KO’d, a good tactic for revenge sweeping in Co-op.

Battle Mechanics

In real-time 3 to 3 battle the mechanics are very simple and you just have to:

  • Tap the opponent’s attacking Pokemon
  • Select the buddies and tap the work to be used.

In here, the work is the main deciding factor for each battle. There are many ways to use the work with your buddies. Work Gauge accumulates over time that you can use in battle.

The trainer’s work gauge can be used without consuming the gauge but is limited to the number of times it can be used in one battle. Keep in mind the importance of work and when to use it.

Pokemon and trainers can use each other’s work and there is a special attack called ‘Badize Work’. It is like a trump card in the game, you can use it by acting a certain time during the battle.

There is a co-op battle option that unlocks after Chapter 10. In this battle type, players can team up with two other teams for a 9 vs 9 Pokemon battle.

Every trainer will have a team pf 3 sync pairs and they can have only one out at a single time for a total of 3 on the field. However, players can change their sync pair once in a battle.

Unity Attacks are a special type of attack during the game, in which all three sync pairs attack at once for a high damage attack.

This attack is available when the unity gauge is filled up, it is a feature of Co-op only. You can choose one player to unleash this overwhelming attack.

Learning Moves and Skills

You can learn new moves and skills in the game through the “Team” menu. It will cost you resources like drinks (Buff Blend, Aid Ade, Tech Tonics), Training Machines (TM’s), and skill Capsules. These can be obtained in the Training Area.

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