Pokemon Masters Sync Moves Guide – How to Get Sync Moves, Advantages

This guide contains information about all the things you need to know about Sync Moves in Pokemon Masters including their effects, ways to use and get them and even getting them in battle, etc. Without wasting any time let’s get straight into it.

Pokemon Masters Sync Moves

The most powerful move a Sync Pair can perform is the Sync Move which they do on their own. You can turn the odds of a battle in your favor by doing this move cause of its intense damage if you do it correctly.

But you can’t just go into battle and whip out a Sync Move as your first attack, you’ll have to wait till doing 9 moves and only then you will get the option to perform a Sync Move.

Shared between the team
Sync Move is not bound to an individual Sync Pair and can be equipped with any Sync Pair after you’ve completed 9 moves during a battle but only one of the Sync Pairs will perform this move and if you wish to do it again, you’ll have to perform 9 moves again.

As the counter will reset after you use the Sync Move and it won’t come to this because the battle will end before that hopefully. Therefore, use your one Sync Move per battle carefully.

Get Sync Moves Duplicates
Your Sync Move strength will increase when you get duplicates for your Sync Pairs. The strongest level that a Sync Move can get to, is 5 and this is how you can get Sync Pairs.


You must play Sync Pair scout in order to get Sync Pairs which is the only way, however, it is not confirmed that you will get your desired Sync Pair so you might have to try a couple of times. Sync pairs from the story are also included in it.

Mega Evolution
Mega evolution may be triggered by Sync Moves in some cases, therefore sometimes when some Pokemon perform this Sync Move, they will evolve and transform to their Mega Evolution state.

If this happens then the stats throughout the battle will go higher.

Another thing you need to know is the enemy’s weakness with whom you will be battling. Observe their elemental weakness and exploit them, especially when their health is high.

Also, the trainer’s moves will also be considered for the Sync Move countdown and the total moves should be 9 for both the trainer and the Pokemon.

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