Pokemon Masters Level Up Fast Guide – XP Farming, Leveling Tips

Our Pokemon Masters Level Up Fast Guide will help you learn everything you need to know about how to level up your Sync Pairs to grow stronger.

You need to level up your Pokemon throughout Pokemon Masters to keep getting better and defeat bosses but don’t worry if you can’t seem to figure out how to do it, as it is immensely easy as we’ll tell you how you can do it.

Pokemon Masters Level Up Fast

Level-up Manuals

A set quantity of XP is provided to the player which fills up their experience bar. When you have scouted the Sync Pairs, use level-up manuals to increase their level ASAP. This will help your main story Sync Pairs to keep up with the bosses.

Each manual provides a different quantity of XP depending upon the number of stars they have. The following table explains the XP provided by each star level-up manual.

Level-Up Manual Star XP Gained
3-star 5000
2-star 1500
1-star 100

Play Battles and Win

XP will be earned by the Sync Pair that has won a battle. The difficulty of the battle will determine the quantity of XP you get. The mode of battle which can be story or training also has an impact on the amount of XP.

Battles in the Main story can be played again and again so do play then multiple time to get more XP.

Level up training will also provide you XP, do as much of it as you can in the Training area, and you will get a lot of XP along with level-up manuals as well. The level-up courses can also be repeated so play them again and again to gain more XP.

Super Course

This course has a much higher difficulty level which needs stronger Pokemon to win but the reward is directly proportional to difficulty. But the number of time you can do them is limited to 3 after which they will be locked till the sun shines again.

How to Get Manuals

  1. You can get these manuals by doing level-up courses repeatedly and as mentioned above the reward is directly proportional to the difficulty of a level. Along with manuals they also reward you with XP so you can directly level up new Sync Pairs along with improving the other ones.
  2. You can also get these manuals from the main story missions. The quantity however is lesser as compared to the former method, but they reward you with other stuff as well e.g. Buff Blends and Training Machines.
  3. Level up manuals can also be gained using event and daily missions which can be done during farming or battles. Just check your poryphone to be updated about them and claim the reward once done.

Using Manuals

  1. Select “team” option on the bottom.
  2. Then Select “Level up” option.
  3. The Sync Pair should be selected which you desire to be leveled up.
  4. Use “Filter” if you are having difficulty finding a Sync Pair.
  5. Tap the “+” sign on the manual and watch as the exp meter fills up.
  6. To level-up click “OK”.

Why Should You Level Up Fast?

Sync Pairs Stats
Leveling up a Sync Pair increases their stats which means that your Sync Pair is now more powerful and has more endurance which means that you can now win even harder battles.

Leveling Limits
There is a cap to the level up of every Sync Pair which depends on the number of stars in their profile. You can increase the level cap however so don’t worry.

Evolution Sync Pair Stories
Once you have reached the cap limit for a pair, it’ll unlock an Evolution Sync Pair Story and once you complete these, it’ll make your Pokemon stronger.

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