Pokemon Masters Gems Farming Guide

In Pokemon Masters, Gems are used as the in-game for buying of characters or packages in the game. The game features two kinds of Gems i.e. paid and non-paid. Both these Gems have different abilities and both fulfill different demands of the game.

Now all you have to do is use different methods to acquire as many Gems as you can which is where this guide comes in.

Pokemon Masters Gems Farming

The first and easiest method to gain Gems is to log in to the game daily. You get 50 Gems whenever you log in to the game, but these bonus Gems are set to one time per day.

The game obviously has a lot of quests for the players. Every time that you play these quests and finish them, you are rewarded with Gems. Though, keep in mind that these Gems are only rewarded the first time that you play the quest and complete it.

There are Sync Pairs that you have to recruit and upon recruiting them you are given short dialogue quests which are Sync Pair stories.

These stories are a quest that you have to complete and upon completing these quests, you are awarded 10 Gems. Now, these aren’t many Gems but they are enough for the quests that you complete.

Just like story quests, on completion of Chapter 2, you unlock a feature called Missions.

These missions have a similar deal as the quests and just like completing the quests, completing these missions does not only rewards you will gem but other resources as well.

There is a Present Box icon visible on the lower-left corner of the Lobby Menu. This will show you the time-limited events in the game.

Taking part in these events rewards you with extra Gems and are totally worth the time and attention so always look for these kinds of events in the game.

The last method includes for you to just buy off the Gems from the shop using the real-world money. There will be packages as well as discounts for you so you can always visit the shop to check this out.

These are some of the ways for you to collect Gems in Pokemon Monsters. Some might take some of your time and may require grinding but in the end, you are always going to end up with Gems for new characters and packages in the game.