Pokemon Masters Coins Farming Guide – How to Earn Coins Faster, Easy Farming Tips

In our Pokemon Masters Coins Farming Guide, we have detailed some tips and tricks to help you farm some easy coins in the game.

There are several ways of farming coins in Pokemon Masters and we will try to cover all of them in this guide. This guide will tell you how and where to get coins and even bartering things to get them.

Pokemon Masters Coins Farming

It is not that tricky to earn coins as you will get coins upon completing each quest. Rewards page is a good place to see the number of coins you get per quest.

Most Chapter Quests give out coins upon being completed. You can see how much you get per quest at the very top of the Rewards Page. Another great way to get coins is by completing training courses.

1. Complete Training Courses
This is not a very efficient method of earning coins because they reward with a very small amount of coins but you can play them again and again but it would still take a lot of time to do this which makes it inefficient.

2. Gathering from the Fieldwork
Optional quests that you can do while doing story missions are called fieldworks. You will find random objects when you scout the areas which you can add to your inventory and these objects also include Upgrade Materials as well as coins.

3. Completing Coin Super-courses
The most efficient way to get coins in Pokemon Masters is by completing Coin Supercourses because you get pearls as rewards after finishing them.

But you have to be vigilant when they appear and complete them before they disappear as they can only be done during a concise time period and only three times in a single day.

When completed successfully you can exchange the rewarded pearls for coins. You can earn 1,000 coins for one pearl and the big ones yield around 3,000 coins.

4. Fieldwork
You can earn 10,000 coins by doing fieldwork. When you beat Flannery you will get the optional quest of Fieldwork. Finish this quest and then to get 10,000 coins, there’s a PokeBalls in the 4th area, loot it and get the coins.

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