Pokemon Masters Blue Sync Pair Guide – How to Unlock Blue

Pokemon Masters recently got a new update called Reach for the Top which puts players against a new character, Blue from the old Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue games. This Pokemon Masters Blue Sync Pair will teach you how to unlock Blue for your own usage.

Pokemon Masters Blue Sync Pair

Since you can’t actually collect Pokemon from the wild like in other games, Sync Pairs are the only way to acquire new Pokemon and playable characters in Pokemon Masters. To unlock Pidgeot, players will have to add Blue to their roster as he comes with his trusty Pidgeot in a pair.

Keep in mind that Blue is not the part of the main story so don’t go mad on completing the story mode. Blue and his partner Pidgeot were added to the event on September 2nd.

In the event, Blue and his partner will be a part of your team, but completing this event will not completely unlock the Blue as it will only be added to Sync Pair scout pool.

Keep in mind that event will only be open till 29th September and you will have to have some spare gems to use to get some rolls. And there might only be some lucky players who get Blue and Pidgeot through rolls.

But don’t worry yet, fortunately enough it has been confirmed that story events will come back and those who didn’t get Blue during this event, don’t be sad. You will have a chance to get Blue and Pidgeot sometime in the future when the event returns.

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