Pokemon Let’s Go Starter Pokemon Guide

The Starter Pokemon in the games may very well be famously known as Fire, Grass, and Water, but since the Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee games are based upon Pokemon Yellow rather than Fire or Emerald, the Pokemon here are different. Our Pokemon Let’s Go Starter Pokemon Guide will take you through all of the Starter Pokemon options that you have.

Pokemon Let’s Go Starter Pokemon

Rather than being offered a choice as to what your Pokemon will be, you are instead given one of the two Pokemon whom the game is named after.

If you purchased Let’s Go Pikachu, then your Starter Pokemon will be Pikachu, and if you purchased Let’s Go Eevee, then your Starter Pokemon will be Eevee.

However, you can still get the three classical Starter Pokemon if you know where to look.

Our Pokemon Let’s Go Guide will mention all of the unique moves that your Starter Pokemon bring to the table and then give you directions as to how you can find the other 3 Starter Pokemon if you want.

1. Pikachu

Pikachu cannot be evolved in this game and will move along with you wherever you go. He has an exclusive move known as Pika Popow that means that the more he loves you, the more powerful his move is. This move cannot miss!

You also have the Splish Splash that has a Power of 90 and creates a huge wave that hits the opponent with electricity.

This move has a chance of paralyzing the opponent, so it can be used before you finish off your opponent to ensure there is no resistance.

Zippy Zap is another move that is available to Pikachu. It has a power of 50 and it attacks the opponent at a breakneck pace with bursts of electricity. This move will result in a critical hit, so you can use that to your advantage.

Lastly, Pikachu has the Floaty Fall that has a power of 90 and makes the user float in the air before diving towards the target and dealing damage. There is also a fair chance of this move ensuring your target flinches.

2. Eevee

Eevee has a Veevee Volley that acts similar to Pika Popow. Apart from the volley, all of Eevee’s attacks have a power of 90. Bouncy Bubble can also heal your HP for half of your total attack.

On top of that, Buzzy Buzz uses a jolt to attack the target and paralyze it.

You also have the Sizzly Slide which cloaks in fire and charges the target to burn it and deal damage.

Combine that with Glitzy Glow that weakens the enemy’s special moves and you can deal a hefty amount of damage while taking very little in return. Next up, you can use Sappy Seed to glow a stalk that attacks the enemy and drains his/her HP every turn.

You also have the Freezy Frost that can eliminate all the stat changes of every Pokemon in the battle to reset and perhaps give you an advantage.

Lastly, you have the Sparky Swirl that can heal all your entire party of all their status effects using an overpowering scent.

Other Pokemon

If you wish to use Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle… you can. These Pokemon can be found in various different places all over the world. Let us go ahead and look at where they are:

Go to Cerulean and defeat L.T Surge. After that, head up the bridge and continue going straight until you get off the bridge. Here, talk to the guy ahead of you to get Charmander.

Go find Officer Jenny in the center of the town. She will speak to you for a while and then hand you a Squirtle.

Head to Cerulean and then go to the building found towards the right to the left side of the Poke Center. There is a girl right near the Bulbasaur, and you can speak to the girl in order to get the Bulbasaur for yourself.

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