Pokemon Let’s Go Shiny Pokemon Guide – How to Catch, SOS Chaining

In our Pokemon Let's Go Shiny Pokemon Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about catching Shinies in Let's Go by SOS Chaining in the game.

Catching Shinies in Pokemon has always been tough, and Pokemon Let’s Go is no different. Here is a handy albeit time-consuming method for you to try not which increases your probability of catching a Shiny Pokemon.

Pokemon Let’s Go Shiny Pokemon

To summarize how it works: every time a wild Pokemon spawns in the locale. It has a sort of dice roll before being released. This roll determines the chance of that Pokemon being shiny.

Chance starting from a 1 in 4,000 probability, which can be increased to a max of about 5 in 4,000. This is done by a method called Pokemon Combo Catching that we have explained.

How to Catch Shiny Pokemon?

Combo catching basically refers to when the same species of Pokemon is repeatedly caught in succession.

For example, if you were to catch a Rattata or Wheedle that are fairly common starter Pokemon, the combo works by catching the same one by revisiting its area like the tall grass.

When the combo reaches certain milestones, such as after catching 5, then 10, then 20, and then so on. A statistic called the Pokemon’s IV increases. This word is simpler described as the potential for that Pokemon to be powerful.

It means the more you combo a single Pokemon, the higher the chances are of you getting a really strong variant. With high statistics, you could end up with one jacked Caterpie if you catch it enough times.

A small bonus tucked away in the increasing IV, is the raised probability of finding a shiny variant of the combo’ed species. Each milestone reaching a higher chance in the Shiny roll, with the 30 number racking your chances up to 5 in 4,000.

Combo Chaining

Maintaining the combo of catching the Pokemon of your choice is slightly demanding. Not necessarily in a difficulty sense, but more of a dedication one. The combo breaks under three conditions:

The first condition is if you catch a Pokemon from a different species of the one that you are combo-ing with. If you are trying a Caterpie combo, for example, the chain will be broken by catching say, a Wheedle.

This also applies to a different evolution of the same species. Catching a Metapod during your Caterpie combo WILL break the chain. The second condition is the Pokemon you are combo-ing manages to flee the battle.

If this happens, it counts as a failure to catch it, which breaks the combo. The last way to break the chain is if you close the Pokemon Let’s Go application.

You can put your Switch on Sleep Mode (since that does not close a running application). And then pick up the process from where you left off.

However, switching to a different app, turning Pokemon off, shutting the Switch down or the system battery runs out. These scenarios all break the combo you may have had gone, so watch out.

Now unlike past Pokemon games, you can actually see wild Pokemon in their habitats before even engaging them. This means you can avoid unnecessary encounters, or go for specific ones.

This includes when a Shiny Pokemon shows up. So after you get the needed prerequisites with your combos, it is possible to actually spot the shiny variant of your target roaming around in the bushes or grass.

However, the Pokemon will NOT be shown as shiny in your box. Be sure to manually label it with a star or something.

And that’s that! It is definitely a grind and even despite getting to a Level 30 combo, it could still be a while before shiny spawns.

One thing to note as a sendoff is that once a shiny does spawn, that also increases the chances of you encountering another Shiny Pokemon.

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