Pokemon Let’s Go Power Plant Location Guide – How to Catch Zapdos

This Pokemon Let's Go Power Plant Location Guide will tell you how to get to the power plant so that you can catch Zapdos in Pokemon Let’s Go.

The Legendary Pokemon in all of the Pokemon games are the ones that are the hardest to find. The first one that you can find in Pokemon Let’s Go is Zapdos. However, you need to head on over to the Power Plant if you want to catch it. Our Pokemon Let’s Go Power Plant Location Guide will detail how to do just that.

Pokemon Let’s Go Power Plant Location

The game is quite similar to the original one (Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow). What that means is that the Power Plant is also at the same place that it was last time. This is a place where you can catch some electric Pokemon that are extremely rare, including Zapdos.

In order to get to the Power Plant, you need to use Sea Skim (get it using our Sea Skim Guide), and then use the body of water near the entrance to the Rock Tunnel on Route 10. Travel through the body of water and you will find an entrance to the power plant. It is quite hard to miss once you are in the water.

The power plant works like any other dungeon, so let’s go ahead and take a look at how you can catch Zapdos while you are there.

How to Catch Zapdos?

Remember that before you are able to capture Zapdos, you need to beat it in battle. Zapdos is a Level 50 Pokemon, so beware of the dangers that he poses and be extremely careful when battling it.

Zapdos is both of flying and electric type, meaning that he is vulnerable to the rock type. Ice-type moves are also fairly effective, but you should have an evolved version of Geodude or Rhydon if you want to make the battle a lot easier than it would be otherwise.

Once you have captured Zapdos, you can also find it as a spawn out in the wild. There are a lot of places where Zapdos can be found for the second time if you managed to catch it when you were in the power plant. It can show up in the following routes of the map:

  • Route 1
  • Route 2
  • Route 3
  • Route 4
  • Route 6
  • Route 7
  • Route 8
  • Route 10
  • Route 11
  • Route 12
  • Route 13
  • Route 14
  • Route 15
  • Route 16
  • Route 17
  • Route 18
  • Route 19
  • Route 21
  • Route 22
  • Route 23
  • Route 24
  • Route 25

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