Pokemon Let’s Go Items Locations Guide – Healing, Battle, Evolution, Uses

Pokemon Let’s Go consists of various items which you can find and make use of. There are many different items in the game ranging from Key Items to Battle Items and many more. These Pokemon Let’s Go Items will tell you the purpose of each item along with their use.

Pokemon Let’s Go Items Locations

In this guide, we will be talking about Key Items available in the game along with Battle Items, Healing Items, Pokeballs, and Evolution Items. Each item in the game has its own definition and use.

Healing Items can be used to cure ailments and restore HP. Battle Items can be used to power up and to deal more damage or to achieve better defense.

Do note that the Key Items in Pokemon Let’s Go can also be used to get a normal or a Rideable Pokemon like Aerodactyl.

Item Name Description/Effect Where to Find Buy Sell
Antidote It cures the Poison status Common 100 50
Awakening It cures the Sleep status Common 200 125
Bicycle Used to travel the in-game world at double speed Cerulean City Bike Shop Voucher
Bike Voucher To Get a free bike at Cerulean Bike Shop Vermilion Pokemon Fan Club -6
Burn Heal To cure your Burn status Common 250 125
Calcium It Boosts your Special stat Celadon Dept. Store 9800 4900
Carbos It Boosts your Speed stat Celadon Dept. Store 9800 4900
Card Key To unlock Silph Co. doors Silph Co. Building 5F
Coin Coin to lay slots Celadon City
Coin Case To hold upto to 9,999 Casino coins Celadon City Restaurant
Dire Hit Increase of Critical Hit in battle Celadon Dept. Store 650 375
Dome Fossil Used to get Kabuto in Cinnabar Island Lab Mt. Moon
Elixir It restores 10 PP Common
Escape Rope Will Teleport you to last visited Pokemon Centre Common 550 275
Ether Restores 10 PP with only one technique Common
EXP. All It divides up all EXP gained in battle among the party Oak’s aide (Route 15)
Fire Stone It can be used to evolve Growlithe, Vulpix and Eevee. Celadon Dept. Store 2100 1050
Fresh Water This restores HP by 50 Celadon Dept. Store 200 100
Full Heal This cures all status changes Celadon Dept. Store 600 300
Full Restore To restore all HP and status changes Indigo Plateau Pokemon Mart 3000 1500
Gold Teeth Must be given to Safari Zone Warden for HM 04 Safari Zone Area 3
Good Rod A Fish for your medium level Pokemon Fuchsia City
Great Ball To Capture medium level Pokemon Celadon Dept. Store 600 300
Guard Spec. Will Protect Pokemon from temporarily special attack Celadon Dept. Store 700 350
Helix Fossil Used for Omanyte in Cinnabar Island Lab Mt. Moon
HP Up To Boost HP upto Max Celadon Dept. Store 9800 4900
Hyper Potion To recover 200 HP Common 1500 750
Ice Heal This will cure Frozen status Common 250 125
Iron Boosts your defense stats Celadon Dept. Store 9800 4900
Item Finder To reveal all hidden items Oak’s aide in (Route 11)
Leaf Stone Can be used to evolve Glood, Weepinbell and Exeggcute Celadon Dept. Store 2100 1050
Lemonade To recover 80 HP Celadon Dept. Store 350 175
Lift Key  To unlock elevators in Rocket Hideout Rocket Hideout 4F
Master Ball Used to Capture any existing Pokemon Silph Co. (a reward from the President)
Max Elixir This is used to restore PP (all technique) Common
Max Ether Restores PP (one technique) Common
Max Potion To Recover HP (all) Indigo Plateau (Pokemon Mart) 2500 1250
Max Repel Will protect you from wild Pokemon (250 steps) Common 700 350
Max Revive It recovers fainted Pokemon with full health restore Common 2000
Moon Stone It’s used to evolve Nidorino, Nidorina, Clefairy and Jigglypuff Mt. Moon, Rocket Hideout or Route 2 , Pokemon Mansion
Nugget Can be sold for money Common 5000
Oak’s Parcel Hand over to Professor Oak in exchange for a Pokedox Viridian City Pokemon Mart
Old Amber To obtain Rideable Aerodactyl in Cinnabar Island lab Pewter City Museum
Old Rod Another Fish for low-level Pokemon Vermilion City
Paralyze Heal It cures Paralyze status Common 200 100
Poke Ball This is used to capture lowest-level Pokemon Common Shops 200 100
Poke Doll Escape from battle. Exchange for TM 31 in Saffron City Celadon Dept. Store 1000 500
Poke Flute To Cure Sleep status and to wake up Snorlax Lavender Town taken from Mr. Fuji
Potion Used to recover 20 HP Common 300 150
PP Up To boost PP with maximum Common
Protein To give attack stats a boost Celadon Dept. Store 9800 4900
Rare Candy To increase level quickly Common 2400
Repel This protects from weak wild Pokemon (100 steps) Common 350 175
Revive Best to recover fainted Pokemon  (1/2 health increase) Common 1500 750
S. S. Ticket Entrance ticket to enter S.S. Anne Route 25, taken from Bill
Safari Ball To capture any Pokemon in Safari Zone Safari Zone entrance
Secret Key To unlock Cinnabar Island Gym Cinnabar Island Mansion
Silph Scope This makes ghost Pokemon visible. Available at Pokemon Tower. Rocket Hideout 4F after defeating Giovanni
Soda Pop Recovers HP upto 60 Celadon Dept. Store 300 150
Super Potion Recovers HP by 70 Common 700 350
Super Repel This protects from wild Pokemon ambush (200 steps) Common 500 250
Super Rod Fish food for low or high-level Pokemon Route 12
Thunder Stone To evolve Pikachu and Eevee Celadon Dept. Store 2100 1050
Town Map All of the town map with your location inside Pallet Town, found from Gary’s sister
Ultra Ball To capture highest level Pokemon Common 1200 600
Water Stone It’s used  to evolve Pokemon including Poliwhirl, Shellder, Staryu and Eevee Celadon Dept. Store 2100 1050
X Accuracy Increase Accuracy in battle (temporary) Celadon Dept. Store 950 475
X Attack Increase temporary Attack in battle Celadon Dept. Store 500 250
X Defend Temporary increase Defense in battle Celadon Dept. Store 550 275
X Special Temporarily raise Special attack in battle Celadon Dept. Store 350 175
X Speed To temporary increase Speed in battle Celadon Dept. Store 350 174

Our Pokemon Let’s Go Items Guide is a work-in-progress. We will continue to update them in the coming days.

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