Pokemon Let’s Go Beginners Guide

Our Pokemon Let’s Go Beginners Guide will give you several helpful tips and strategies that will ease your journey into the newest Pokemon game.

Pokemon Let’s Go is an RPG that most of the new players of the series do not realize how accessible it is. The game has many mechanics that were also found in previous games and it has its fair share of new stuff to entice the players to keep on playing. Our Pokemon Let’s Go Beginners Guide will guide you through getting started with the game.

Pokemon Let’s Go Beginners Guide

Let us go ahead and look at some ways through which you can massively improve your experience with Pokemon Let’s Go.

The games are based on the 1998 edition of Pokemon known as Pokemon Yellow, meaning that you start the game with Pikachu and only have a few other Pokemon than the 151 found in the first generation games.

Here are some tips to help you get started with the game!

Catch Every Pokemon You Find

You will have a decent idea of how to deal with wild Pokemon in previous games of the series. Most people catch one Pokemon and simply beat all of the others in order to get experience points.

However, you can get more experience in Pokemon Let’s Go if you prioritize catching every single Pokemon you see.

This rule applies to you no matter how many Pokemon you have in your inventory of the same type. Make sure you catch everything to be successful.

Use the Catch Combos

One of the new features in the Pokemon Let’s Go series is the fact that you can find Rare Pokemon (or at least increase the chances of you finding them) if you get a Catch Combo.

In order to “Catch a Combo”, all you need to do is to buy the same type of Pokemon in a row.

The longer you keep on catching similar Pokemon, the higher your Catch Combo and the greater chance you have of finding a Rare Pokemon of that species.

Get the Judge Function

Once you have over 30 different species of Pokemon in your Pokedex, it is in your best interests to quickly head on over to the building which links Route 11 with Route 12 and speak to Professor Oak’s assistant.

Provided that you met all the criteria laid forth by him, you will now be able to see the stats of your Pokemon by going to the Judge Function that can be found in the Pokemon Box.

Speak with Everyone

This is a general rule for many RPGs, not just Pokemon. Try to talk to as many people as you can.

Most of them might be saying stuff that is irrelevant, but a fair percentage of them do tell you important details that could be fairly helpful to you in the context of the story. On top of that, you might also get a few gifts from some of the people.

Feed Candies

For every Pokemon that you sent back to Professor Oak, not only will your box will be a little less cluttered but you will also get some candies as a reward for sending back the Pokemon.

These candies can then be used to make sure that your Pokemon are battle ready. You can also find rare candies that have even greater rewards than the standard ones.

Make Money

There are ways for you to make money in the game quite easily. You need money to buy the Poke Balls that you use, and since you will probably be using a lot of poke balls, you need a lot of money.

Sell items like pearls and nuggets since they cannot have any other utility for you. There are certain people like a woman in Pewter City who can constantly supply you with one of these items after a set period of time.

Treat Your Pokemon Well!

Make sure that your Pokemon does not faint and is healed in battle. If they become your friend, they might end up making clutch moves in battles which will give you massive advantages in the game.

Know Your Type Advantages

Certain Pokémon do more damage against other Pokémon and are also more vulnerable against others. For example Grass type Pokémon are strong against Water types but weak against Fire Types. You can view your Pokémon’s type advantages by looking at a type chart.

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