Pokemon Legends Arceus The Lordless Island Walkthrough

The Lordless Island is the 10th Main mission you’ll play in Pokemon Legends Arceus. In this guide, we’ll walk you...

The Lordless Island is the 10th Main mission you’ll play in Pokemon Legends Arceus. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the entire The Lordless Island mission of Pokemon Legends Arceus and provide basic tips on completing all the objectives and defeating all enemies.

Pokemon Legends Arceus The Lordless Island

The Lordless Island is the 10th Main Mission in Pokemon Legends. The mission is assigned to you by Commander Kamado, who Irida accompanies at the Galaxy Hall. He then assigns you a task to investigate the abnormal events taking place at Cobalt Coastlands.

Defeat Irida

Once you’ve been assigned the task by Commander Kamado, head over to Cobalt Coastlands, where you’ll find Irida, Irida challenges you to a 2 on 1 battle. Before accepting the challenge, ensure you have a higher-level party member since Irida uses a Level 30 Glaceon and a Level 15 Eevee.

We have the right Pokemon for you. Choose Quilava for the battle against Irida, as it’s the best starter Pokemon to pair against her Pokemon.

Now, keeping that in mind, accept the challenge and overpower Irida to win the battle. Once you’ve successfully defeated Irida, your destination is at Veilstone Cape, where you’ll find Warden Palina.

Talk to Iscan

Talk to Warden Palina, and once the conversation is over, head straight to Aipom Hill, where you’ll find Iscan inside his cabin. Make sure to visit Iscan at night since that’s the only time he’s available for help.

Once it’s night, enter his cabin and talk to him. Iscan; being the Diamond Clan Warden he is, will be concerned about your presence. At this point, you should tell him the reason for your arrival, which is to visit Firepit Island.

However, this is the Pokemon World we’re talking about. Therefore, traveling is not as easy as it sounds. Iscan will ask you to capture a Dusclops for him; the favorite food of Basculegion.

Dusclops are hard to capture and will try to engage in a battle, therefore. It’s best to visit Deadwood Haunt at night and use Feather Balls to catch them from a distance since getting close to them will be out of your comfort zone.

Once it’s caught, take it to Iscan and make the dish. Then, take the dish to Gingko Landing and summon Basculegion, who then rewards you with a Splash Plate.

Defeat the Miss Fortune Sisters

With that said, head to find the Firespit Island with Basculegion and come cross all three Miss Fortune Sisters who have captured the Growlithe.

Hop onto the recently summoned Basculegion to find the Miss Fortune Sisters who challenge you to a battle. Upon accepting the consecutive battles, you’ll be going up against a Level 35 Abomasnow, a Level 34 Toxicroak, a Level 34 Rhydon, and a Level 35 Gengar.

The best Pokemon to use here is your Golduck. However, make sure it has reached level 35 before going up against the 4 consecutive opponents for this mission.

Defeat Frenzied Noble Hisuian Arcanine

Once you’ve defeated all three Miss Fortune sisters in the consecutive battles, you’ll be accompanied by Iscan and Palina as you witness Growlithe evolving into Frenzied Noble Hisuian Arcanine that needs to be quelled.

Arcanine possesses a four-blocked HP bar. The best strategy when facing it is to dodge its attacks and counter them by throwing Volcano Balms while making sure you don’t get damaged by the surrounding lava.

Five consecutive throws will stun the Pokemon, giving you an opportunity to use a Water Type party member against it. We recommend going for Floatzel for this battle as it possesses one of the best Strong Styles attacks in the game.

Continue throwing balms at it until it loses its HP and is defeated. Finally, defeat Arcanine and earn a Flame Plate. Now it’s time to head back to Commander Kamado and complete the Lordless Island mission.

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