Pokemon Legends Arceus The Galaxy Team’s Entry Trial Walkthrough

The Galaxy Team’s Entry Trial is the second Main Mission in Pokemon Arceus. This guide will give you a thorough walkthrough of the Galaxy Team’s Entry Trial in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Each step of the mission will be covered in detail below.

Pokemon Legends Arceus The Galaxy Team’s Entry Trial

The Galaxy Team’s Entry Trial mission consists of different parts, and all of these parts are related in a way that you can’t move onwards to the next section without completing them. So we will be going over each section of the mission and explaining it in detail.

Pick a Starter Pokemon

First, you have to choose a suitable starter Pokemon. There are three options, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Although Cyndaquil is one of the strongest and most efficient in terms of stats, players can choose Oshawott and Rowlet as well based on their personal preference.

All three are terrific in the game’s early stages, so the decision rests on the player.

Head to Obsidian Fieldlands

You must catch three Pokemon to complete Galaxy Team’s Entry Trial. The three Pokemon are Bidoof, Starly, and Shinx. To catch these Pokemon, go to the Obsidian Fieldlands. All of these Pokemon will be there.

To reach Obsidian Fieldlands, follow the marker to Jubilife Village’s gate, which can be reached by turning left immediately after exiting the Galaxy Team HQ.

Catching Your First Pokemon

You will encounter Bidoof, Starly, and Shinx one by one. Akari and Rei will offer advice on how to approach these three Pokemon. In the case of Bidoof, all you have to do is throw a Poke Ball at it to catch it.

Starly will require a bit more caution as Starly is very unpredictable with its movement and catch you off guard. Move towards it while crouching. To crouch, press B, and the tall grass will allow you to take a peek at Pokemon without being spotted.

Throwing a Poke Ball at a Pokemon’s back increases the odds of catching it or causing them to be surprised at the start of a fight. However, this fact has not been mentioned in the game. Therefore, you should always try to do so whenever you get the chance.

It doesn’t matter if you fail to catch Starly once or twice because you will have an ample supply of Poke Balls at their disposal.

The final Pokemon that you need to capture is Shinx. One thing you need to keep in mind about Shinx is that it can act very angry if a player gets too close. As a result, you won’t be able to catch it straight away, so you’ll have to battle it first.

To do so, press the X button to switch to their current team’s empty Poke Balls. Then use ZR to toss one of your Pokemon close to Shinx to start an attack. This attack’s purpose should be to weaken Shinx. After inflicting damage on Shinx, start throwing Poke Balls at it until you succeed in catching it.

To throw Poke Balls, press D-pad to select a Poke ball. You can also throw Poke Balls by pressing X and ZR. Once you have successfully caught Shinx, you’ll be taken back to the base camp for photographs.

Talk to Captain Cyllene

Now return to the village and speak with Captain Cyllene. Captain Cyllene will present you with a Survey Corps uniform. Go to your room and put this uniform on before going to the Galaxy team headquarters. After a brief conversation, Cyllene will send you to the third floor to meet with a guy named Commander Kamado.

You will be required to battle with the Commander. It makes no difference whether you try to throw him or charge him because you will end up on the ground. However, you’ll be up and about in no time and will have a little discussion.

The mission will be declared as complete after Kamado finishes speaking. After that, Cyllene will offer you a Poke Balls crafting recipe, and a brand-new task will begin to teach you the fundamentals of crafting.

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