Best Research Tasks to Complete by Rank in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Those looking to quickly complete their Hisui’s Pokedex in Pokemon Legends Arceus will need to keep an eye out for Research Tasks. The following guide will explain just what they are and the best possible Research Tasks to complete in accordance with your rank in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Best Research Tasks to Complete by Rank in Pokemon Legends Arceus

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, Research Tasks vary depending upon your Star Rankings. Read on to learn the best Research Tasks to complete based on your Star Rankings in PLA.

Rank 1-2

Here are the Research Tasks which you should definitely be focusing on if your rank is between 1 and 2.

Pokemon Best Research Tasks to Complete
Starly You’ll have to catch six Starly in total without being spotted. You also need to ensure that you have both a male and female version of Starly.
Shinx This task requires you to find six Shinx and use Shinx Quick attack twice.
Wurmple You only have to catch six of Wurmple but without being spotted.
Beautifly Capture five Beautifly in the daylight. If you fail to capture both a male and a female Beautifly, then you’ll have to defeat one Beautifly.
Dustox Dustox needs to be captured five times in the daylight. If you fail to capture both a male and a female, you’ll have to defeat one.
Kricketot Simply catch six Kricketot while making sure of that you have both a male and female version of Kricketot.
Buizel All required is to catch three Buizel and defeat three with electric-type moves as well.
Gastly You’ll be tasked to capture 6 Gastly at night and then defeat one Gastly as well.

Rank 2-3

In similar fashion, here are the Research Tasks to focus on when you find your ranks between 2 and 3 in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Pokemon Best Research Tasks to Complete
Geodude You must capture three Geodude that leap out of ore deposits as well as defeat three Geodude.
Psyduck You must feed Psyduck five berries. You’ll also need to defeat two Psyduck with Electric-type moves.
Combee You’ll need to catch three Combee. You must also defeat four Combee using Rock-type moves.
Budew Feed a berry to Budew. Afterward, without being spotted, catch three Budew in daylight.
Yanma Catch six Yanma Without being spotted.
Hippopotas Feed two berries to Hippopotas. Also, make sure to catch three Hippopotas, including both a female and a male.
Stunky Catch four Stunky and defeat three with Ground-type moves as well.

Rank 3-4

Made further progression? Here are Research Tasks to get between ranks 3 and 4 in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Pokemon Best Research Tasks to Complete
Aipom Aipom can be found in abundance in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Simply catch them whenever you come across one.
Hisuian Qwilfish Use Hisuian Qwilfish Barb Barrage in Strong Style three times.
Spheal Feed eight berries to Spheal.
Glameow Glameow should be fed five berries.
Machop Take four Machop. Afterward, three times, use any Strong Style move.
Mantyke Capture two Mantykes in Cobalt Coastlands. Then, use an Electric-type move to defeat one Mantyke. Finally, evolve one Mantyke.

Rank 5-6

If you have Rank 5-6 in Pokemon Legends: Arecus, then these are the best Research Tasks to complete.

Pokemon Best Research Tasks to Complete
Machoke Use Machoke’s Strong Style Bullet Punch four times.
Electabuzz In Alabaster Icelands, catch 4 Electabuzz and also evolve one Electabuzz.
Sneasel Feed Sneasel with eight berries. Also, catch three Sneasel and use Slash move once.
Snorunt Feed 3 Snorunt and catch them without being noticed.
Glalie In Alabaster Icelands, catch an Alpha Glalie and use Ice Fang move 3 times.
Swinub Catch a Swinub after feeding it 3 times. Also evolve one Swinub.
Snover Catch 3 Snover in Alabaster Islands. Then defeat 2 Snover using Fire-type moves.
Rufflet Catch 3 Rufflet, and defeat 2 Rufflet with the help of Electric-type moves.

Rank 7+

If you are of Rank 7 or higher in Pokemon Legends Arceus, then focus on these Research Tasks.

Pokemon Best Research Tasks to Complete
Rowlet Use Rowlet’s Leafage move four times, then evolve it.
Dartrix After evolving Rowlet, use the Dartrix Leafage move twice.
Hisuian Decidueye In Strong Style, use Hisuian Decidueye’s Triple Arrows move three times.
Cyndaquil Use Cyndaquil’s Ember move four times, and evolve it.
Quilava After evolving from Cyndaquil, use Ember two times.
Hisuian Typhlosion Use Hisuian Typhlosion‘s Infernal Parade three times in Agile Style.
Oshawott Perform Aqua Jet four times with Oshawott, then evolve it.
Dewott Use Aqua Jet twice after evolving from Oshawott.
Hisuian Samurott Use Hisuian Samurott‘s Ceaseless Edge three times in Strong Style.
Bibarel In Tidewater Dam, look for the Alpha Bibarel. Three times, use Aqua Tail in Strong Style.
Staravia Defeat six Staravia using Electric-type moves.
Staraptor Catch three Staraptor while they’re in the air.
Luxio After evolving Shinx, use Thunder Fang eight times.
Luxray Catch two Luxray, then use Thunder Fang move and Crunch move six times.
Cascoon Catch five Cascoon at night also, defeat one.
Ponyta Catch four Ponyta and defeat two with Water-type moves.
Rapidash Catch the Alpha Rapidash in Horseshoe Plains twice, also defeat one with a water-type move.
Raichu Catch the Alpha Raichu in Crimson Mirelands. Then, have it use Thunder.
Kadabra Catch one Kadabra, and defeat five with Bug-type moves.
Alakazam Catch the Alpha Alakazam in Sandgem Flats, then use Psychic three times in Agile Style and Recover once.
Monferno Use Monferno’s Flamethrower 6 times and evolve it.
Infernape Catch the Alpha Infernape in Obsidian Fieldlands. Also, use its Flare Blitz in Agile Style 3 times.
Buneary Feed Buneary with five berries.
Lopunny Feed five berries to Lopunny.
Cherubi Catch four Cherub that fall out of trees. Also, use either Absorb once or catch 10 in a Mass Outbreak.
Cherrim Catch two Cherrim that fall out of trees during the daytime.
Golduck Catch two Golduck. Also, defeat two with Grass-type moves.
Kleavor Use Stone Axe in Strong Style three times.
Scizor Use X-Scissor in Agile Style 3 times.

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