How to Get Merit Points in Pokemon Legends Arceus

One of the popular features in Pokemon Legends Arceus is the Jubilife Village’s Trading Post, where you can get rare evolutionary items at the cost of Merit Points. This guide will teach you how to get Merit Points in Pokemon Legends Arceus how you can use them to buy these evolutionary items.

How to Get Merit Points in Pokemon Legends Arceus

A system by the name of Lost & Found exists in Pokemon Legends Arceus that recovers your precious items when you lose them after getting beaten by a Pokemon or other players.

These items are dropped in the form of Lost Satchels that you can collect. These Lost Satchels in Pokemon Legends Arceus can then be converted into Merit Points by going to the Communication tab in the menu and clicking A on Lost Satchel to collect rewards.

You can only make use of this system by joining the Galaxy Team after you start your journey.

How to Find Lost Satchels in PLA

Here is how you can find Lost Satchels on the map in Pokemon Legends and collect them:

  • Open your map and look for a bag icon.
  • Go to the icon on the map by fast traveling near it or using a rideable Pokemon.
  • Once in the area, look for a bag and press A on it to collect it.

Keep repeating the process and collect as many Lost Satchels you want. Each Lost Satchel will give you 50 to 100 Merit Points and a special item.

Once you have collected enough Merit Points in Pokemon Legends, head to the Jubilife Village and look for a Trading Post at the north of the map. A woman named Simona is running a shop in front of the Training Grounds where she sells a variety of evolutionary items.

Trade Evolution Items

Here is a list of Evolutionary Items in Pokemon Arceus that you can buy from Simona for Merit Points (MP):

Items Cost
Poke Ball 10 MP
Rare Candy 1000 MP
Fire Stone 1000 MP
Ice Stone 1000 MP
Oval Stone 400 MP
Razor Claw 1400 MP
Razor Fang 1400 MP
Reaper Cloth 1400 MP
Metal Coat 1000 MP
Protector 1400 MP
Electirizer 1400 MP
Magmarizer 1400 MP
Upgrade 1000 MP
Dubious Disc 1400 MP
Linking Cord 1000 MP
Water Stone 1000 MP
Leaf Stone 1000 MP
Thunder Stone 1000 MP
Moon Stone 1000 MP
Sun Stone 1000 MP
Shiny Stone 1200 MP
Dusk Stone 1200 MP
Dawn Stone 1200 MP