Pokemon Legends Arceus In an Unfamiliar Land Walkthrough

Pokemon Legends Arceus is finally out. This Pokemon Legends Arceus walkthrough covers everything you need to know about the first mission, In an Unfamiliar Land to help you get a head start in Jubilife Village.

Pokemon Legends Arceus In an Unfamiliar Land

At the beginning of Pokemon Legends Arceus, you’ll be prompted to choose an appearance and a name before the opening cutscene. After that, you’ll be able to select from various appearances. So, go ahead and pick whatever you want.

Please give it a thought before deciding on a look because you will only be able to change your hairdo and eye color after that, but not your skin color or gender.

Following that, a few cutscenes and the game title page will appear.

Waking up on the Beach

After the cutscenes, you wake up on a beach surrounded by three adorable Pokemon, Rowlet, Oshawott, and Cyndaquil (The Starter Pokemon). When you look around, you’ll notice Professor Laventon staring at you.

Here, you’ll engage in a conversation with Professor Laventon in which he introduces himself and asks about you. The Pokemon will run and hide as the dialogue progresses, leaving Professor Laventon bewildered.

Run after the Pokemon! Here you’ll find a sort of smartphone, actually an Arc Phone. Grab it and catch up to Professor Laventon. Professor Laventon reveals that he is not good at tossing Poke Balls and that he needs your assistance.

Professor Laventon will explain to you about each Pokemon and the basic technique of catching a Pokemon using a Poke Ball before you head out to help. Then, he’ll give you 50 Poke Balls. Plenty Right!

How to Throw Poke Balls

Hold down the ZR button to aim a Poke Ball, then let go when you’re ready. You’ll eventually be able to hold ZL to lock onto Pokemon before tossing them. Simple as that.

Where to Find the Pokemon

Here is where to find the runoff Pokemon

  • Cyndaquil is hiding behind the boulders.
  • Oshawott is in the small pond.
  • Rowlet is on the ledge at the top of the hill.

Once you have successfully captured all three Pokemon, Professor Laventon will enlighten you on the Pokedex, an initiative of the Galaxy Team. Pokedex aims to seek out all Pokemon and reunite with the being that sent you here.

Head to Jubilife Village

Professor Laventon will welcome you to the Jubilife Village after being impressed with your Pokemon capturing abilities.

Professor will first tell you about the history of Jubilife Village while accompanying you to Galaxy Hall Headquarters. Then, your arc phone will direct you to your next destination.

Maps and Markers

Press (–) to open up the Map. The Round Marker on the Map will indicate where you should go next.

Now, cross the bridge ahead of you and turn left to the marker in front of the Wallflower to begin the next series of dialogue, where you’ll encounter Akari, Rei, and Cyllene and hear your destiny.

Go to Sleep

The dialogue will continue at the dinner table. By the time you’re done chatting, it’ll be dark. Now that it’s night, it’s time to sleep, and Lucky you! The Galaxy Expedition Team will arrange for you to spend the night.

Proceed to your assigned quarters and interact with the futon in the back. Your new lodgings have plenty of things to interact with if you so desire. Keep in mind that you can change your outfit at any time at the Mirror in the back. Sleep tight!

When the night is over, and you awake the next day, you will be directed to the next Main Mission, The Galaxy Team’s Entry Trial.

Saving Your Progress

To save your progress, open the menu by pressing the Up button, then press the ZL or ZR button until you reach the Save screen.

You can also use the AutoSave function to have your progress saved automatically. Using the Help screen in the Menu, you can enable or disable the Autosave function.

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