How to Raise Effort Levels in Pokemon Legends Arceus

To make your Pokemon stronger than before in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you need to increase their attributes stats with the help of Grits. In this guide, we will teach you about the item Grits and how they impact Effort Levels in Pokemon Legends Arceus and the different ways that you can get Grits in the game.

How to Increase Effort Levels in Pokemon Legends Arceus

In the previous Pokemon titles, you would need to fight Pokemon of different stats in order to improve that stat of your Pokemon. But in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you can easily increase any stat of your Pokemon with Grits.

In Pokemon Legends, Effort Values have been replaced with Effort Level (EV). Effort Level represents a stat level from zero to 10, where 10 shows that the stat is at maximum level.

In order to increase the Effort Level (EV), you are required to find and use Grit Item. There are four Grit Items that increase Effort Level (EV) by one up to a certain level. These are:

  • Grit Dust – Increases EV by one up to level three.
  • Grit Gravel – Increases EV by one from level four to six.
  • Grit Pebble – Increases EV by one from level seven to nine.
  • Grit Rock – Increases EV by one from level nine to ten.

To maximize the Effort Level of a stat, you would need 3x Grit Dust, 3x Grit Gravel, 3x Grit Pebbles, and 1x Grit Rock.

How to Find Grit Items

You would normally find many Grit Items as you play the game, but you can farm for them by doing the following:

Defeat Alpha Pokemon

Whenever you face and defeat an Alpha Pokemon, there is a high possibility that they will drop Grit Items for you to use.

Exchange Grit Items for Higher Level Grit Item with Zisu

Zisu is an NPC found at the Training Area. You can exchange Grit Item of the lower level with better Grit Item by talking to her. For example, for 10x Grit Pebbles, you can get a single Grit Rock from her.

Release Pokemon

By releasing Pokemon from your Pastures, you will be rewarded many items, including Grit Items. In addition, releasing multiple Pokemon will increase your chances of better Grit Items.

Capture or Defeat Pokemon

Once you have reached the 5th Star Ranking after completing your Pokedex, you will get Grit Items when you catch or defeat a Pokemon.