Pokemon Legends Arceus Crafting Guide

Pokemon Legends: Arceus involves gathering a bunch of resources out on the field which players can use to craft items with its crafting system! In this guide, we will discuss crafting in Pokemon Legends Arceus and outline how to craft, find crafting materials and how to get all crafting recipes.

How to Craft in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Crafting is a neat feature in Pokemon Legends Arceus that lets trainers make a variety of useful items, such as Pokeballs, using materials they gather with their Pokemon.

You can craft using two different methods in Pokemon Legends Arceus, through the Workbench or through your Crafting Kit. Both methods require the use of two different kinds of materials and the appropriate crafting recipe.

Craft using Workbench

The Workbench located at Craftworks in Jubilife Village or at each of your base camps can be used to craft items. The base camp one is especially useful to check up on after you rest up to heal your Pokemon.

Craft using Crafting Kit

Pokemon Legends Arceus Crafting Kit

One can also craft new items by using the Crafting Kit in their bag. This kit is located in the Key Items portion of your satchel, simply tap ZR to switch to it. While playing the “Getting to Work on Research Tasks” mission, players can grab Crafting Kit from Rei or Akari.

How to Find and Get Crafting Materials

Crafting Materials can be purchased on some occasions, otherwise they can be found scattered all around the fields. Items like Medicinal Leeks can be grabbed by simply getting close to the item and hitting A. Other than that, some of them might require help from partner Pokemon.

Players can pick up the materials by using ZR button to throw their Pokemon at the material they want to get. They can pick up the materials when they can see colored rocks, minerals, or trees along with berries grown on them.

How to get all Crafting Recipes

Getting all the Crafting Recipes in Pokemon Legends Arceus takes some time as you will acquire them progressively during your adventure.

You can get various recipes simply by completing NPC requests. Notably, you can get potion and Pokeball recipes from Cyllene when you increase your Research Rank.

Here, we’ve listed all the recipes you can get in Pokemon Legends Arceus!


Unlocked during Getting to Work on Research Tasks

  • 1x Oran Berry
  • 1x Medicinal Leek

Potion helps you heal a Pokemon by 60 HP.


Players are required to complete Getting to Work on Research Tasks to unlock this item.

  • 1x Vivichoke
  • 2x Medicinal Leeks

It allows you to Revive one Pokemon with half its max HP.

Super Potion

Reach Second Star Member rank to unlock this item.

  • 1x Potion
  • 1x Pep-Up Plant

Allows you to heal a Pokemon by 100 HP.

Stealth Spray

Players can unlock this crafting item during Arezu’s Predicament.

  • 1x Hopo Berry
  • 3x Bugworts

Allows you to escape from, or sneak up on, Wild Pokemon by reducing their chances to see you.

Jubilife Muffin

Unlocked during The Taste of Home

  • 2x Hearty Grains
  • 2x Hopo Berries
  • 1x Razz Berry
  • 1x Cake-Lure Base

Helps to cure status conditions of all types.

Hyper Potion

Reach 4 Star rank

  • 1x Super Potion
  • 1x Vivchoke

Allows you to heal a Pokemon by 150 HP


Players can grab this from Captain Cyllene while playing The Entry Team’s Entry Trial Mission.

  • 1x Apricorn
  • 1x Tumblestone

The standard Pokeball

Heavy Ball

Players are either required to complete Getting to Work on Research Tasks or reach 1 Star rank.

  • 1x Apricorn
  • 1x Black Tumblestone

This is a hard to repel ball that has a high catch rate with a back strike. It’s drawback is that it can’t be thrown far.

Feather Ball

Reach 2 Star rank to unlock this crafting recipe.

  • 1x Apricorn
  • 1x Sky Tumblestone

This Pokeball can be thrown really far and is suitable for catching Pokemon that spot you from afar.

Great Poke Ball

Players must reach 3 Star rank to unlock this item.

  • 1x Tumblestone
  • 1x Apricorn

Ingredient 3: 1x Iron Chunk

It is more a effective Pokeball.

Leaden Ball

One can unlock this item by reaching 4 Star rank.

  • 1x Apricorn
  • 1x Black Tumblestone
  • 1x Iron Chunk

Enhanced form of Heavy Ball, so it is even more difficult to repel.

Mushroom Cake

Players need to accomplish Request 6 Mushroom Cake Marketing task.

  • 1x Springy Mushroom
  • 1x Cake-Lure Base

Helps you to trap Pokemon.

Scatter Bang

Arezu’s Predicament should be accomplished to unlock this item.

  • 1x Pop-Pod
  • 1x Caster Fam

It is effective to make the weak Pokemon feel fearful.

Smoke Bomb

Players are required to complete The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods.

  • 1x Sootfoot Root
  • 1x Caster fern

Prevents you from getting spotted by Pokemon.

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