Pokemon GO vs PokeGo++ Court Battle Escalates

The main developers of Pokemon Go, Niantic is suing Global++ for copyright theft and infringement. According to the suit against Global++, PokeGo++ and Ingress++ are modified rip-offs of Pokemon Go. These apps spoof the location data of the Pokemon Go app. They do so to virtually augment the location the user is in at the time.

With these apps, players can walk around in the same location as a house to hatch eggs, find rare Pokemon and more. Things that required the player to move around in the real world.

Niantic has even gone as far as to call Global ++” hackers”. PokeGo++ creators have allegedly distributed copyrighted unauthorized versions of their app.

According to Niantic’s lawsuit: Among other things, defendants’ schemes undermine the integrity of the gaming experience for legitimate players, diminishing enthusiasm for Niantic’s games and in some cases, driving players away from Niantic’s games altogether. Defendants’ schemes, therefore, damage Niantic’s reputation and goodwill and interfere with Niantic’s business.”There have been no official comments or statements from Global++ representatives.

A fact that signals how dire the situation is for them. According to an insider report, the Global++ website has been taken down. All their servers have been deleted from Discord. Because of the legal situation, the Global++ community is also shutting down. Rest assured the legal team backing Niantic will be no pushovers.

The company rose to great heights all thanks to how much PokemonGo trended and made. While in comparison Global++ isn’t as much known or successful group. It’s a much smaller group that made a name for themselves by spoofing the big player’s apps. Global++ is attempting to build up its community back from scratch. They have even started a Patreon page to get more support. But this won’t be enough to tackle a powerhouse like Niantic. Will Niantic win this battle or will Global++ survive to spoof once again? Only time will tell.

Contributor at SegmentNext.