Pokemon Go: How to Throw Pokeballs Properly

Since Pokemon Go is an mobile based augmented reality game, it changes the gameplay drastically. This game doesn’t play out like conventional Pokemon games, an one example of that is the importance of throwing Pokeballs when trying to catch a Pokemon.

In this guide we discuss and share with you a number of tips about how to perfectly throw Pokeballs at the Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go PokeBalls Guide

This guide details Pokemon Go tips on how you can throw PokeBalls in order to capture Wild Pokemon effectively:

Pokemon Go Tips – How to Throw PokeBalls Properly

Okay so the first one is a rather interesting invention of people who just can’t get rid of the curve. You might consider this unethical, or you might think it is okay to go ahead with this, but here what you can do to start throwing straight balls: put two pieces of tape vertically on the screen parallel to each other in such a way that they are on either side of your Pokeball.

This will effectively block off the curve in your swipe, and you will be throwing perfect straight balls. You will have to take down the tapes for making a Curve Ball though.

The second and the most important thing we have picked up is that unlike what a large number of people have been doing, using your thumb to throw PokeBalls is not the most ideal. Instead, you should be using your index finger as fingers are more accurate.

Naturally, you are going to be holding your phone with the hand the thumb of which you would want to use. However, that would naturally add a curveball effect to your throw which isn’t popular for accuracy.

Other than that, it is almost textbook knowledge that leveling up your trainer will make you fight better against the Pokemon that you might find hard to beat at a lower level – duly acknowledged by the color of the capture circle around the Pokemon in question.

Curve Balls, Great Throws, Nice Throws, Excellent Throws

By now you would know that using a Curve Ball is not that easy, however, it also increases the rate of successful capture, apart from giving you a special bonus. For a successful Curve Ball throw, however, you have to hit inside the capture circle.

This prerequisite stays the same for Nice, Great as well as Excellent throws too. As far as a Nice Throw is concerned, the prerequisite is that you hit the circle with your PokeBall, no matter what size the circle is when it hits.

However, in order to get a Great Throw you will need to be about half way through the size of the full circle, otherwise it won’t be counted as a Great Throw. Yet, the most difficult of these in the Excellent Throw, because for that, thee circle has to be VERY small.

Using Different PokeBalls and Berries

Berries are often helpful against Pokemon when you are not so sure about either your own throwing skills or the power that it will have against a given Pokemon. Even makinng a great throw might not get you a Pokemon sometimes, while having used a berry with a great throw would in most cases be enough to make a successful capture.

Last but not the least is the other side of the equation i.e. the Pokemon Go PokeBalls themselves. There are a number of options you have, and this works directly proprtional to the strength of the Ball, the better it is, the greater the odds are that your throw will manage to be successful.

When you are going up against Pokemon that have a red or orange capture circle, it is time to check which Ball you are using.


Once you have unlocked a specific PokeBall, you will be able to get it randomly at PokeStops. Moreover, you will get some each time you level up in the game. Lastly, PokeBalls can be purchased for PokeCoins.

  • x20 PokeBalls for 100 PokeCoins
  • x100 PokeBalls for 460 PokeCoins
  • x200 PokeBalls for 800 PokeCoins

Unlocked At: Level 1

This is the default ball which you can use in order to catch a wild Pokemon. Its catch rate has a modifier of 1 which is standard.

Great Ball
Unlocked At: Level 12

This is the upgraded version of PokeBall which is x1.5 more successful in catching a wild Pokemon.

Ultra Ball
Unlocked At: Level 20

This is even more upgraded version of Great Ball and has a catch modifier x2 which means that it is twice as successful as compared to PokeBall.

Master Ball
Unlocked At: Around Level 30

This is the best item you have in order to catch a wild Pokemon. It has a success rate of 100 per cent which means that you will never fail to catch a Pokemon.

We hope that these tips are going to be enough to make you good at Pokemon Go at least when you are looking to brag about how well you can throw balls.

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