Pokemon Go Rare Pokemon Farming Tips: Where to Find Rare Pokemon

Finding rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go is sort of a secret for now, but we have some ideas about how you can get your hands on more of them.

Finding a Pokemon that is cool and strong enough to take to a battle in Pokemon Go is a good thing, but what’s better is to get your hands on rare Pokemon.

Needless to say rare Pokemon are, well rare (duh) and it is not every day you’ll come across one as you stroll down a grassy patch. However, we can tell you about some ways in which you can increase your odds of catching them.

The problem right now is that Pokemon Go is a rather new game and being a mobile title it has not been as extensively discussed as a product of its popularity should have been. Due to this, we don’t have a rule of thumb for where and how you’ll definitely find rares… yet.

However, we do have some really solid theories based on how the game plays out. For more help on Pokemon Go, read our Stardust Farming Guide, PokeStops Guide and Pokemon Evolution Guide.

Since it is an augmented reality title that brings the Pokemon to our world, and since Niantic has also gone the length to ensure that you find specific species in relatable places, we might have something to go on already.

Just like looking for Pokemon near water would most definitely get you a water type Pokemon, and looking in the night would get you Pokemon like Gastly and the rest of that lot, it is suspected that some special locations / buildings and so on.

These are unusual Pokemon we are talking about, so you should be looking for them in unusual locations. Think of more and more different places.

According to reports from various users, golden leaves have appeared more regularly around places where rare Pokemon have later been found. This has apparently required some dedicated exploration of the area where the golden leaves appear.

While that will mostly be a hit and trial, one way to surely get your hands on rare Pokemon is it get them through the Pokemon Trainer Club and newsletter subscription, where download codes are sent out for free sometimes.

Another thing that goes in line with how Pokemon games work is that you will increase your odds at getting rare Pokemon when your trainer level gets higher. The further you are in the game, the greater will be the chances of catching rares.

While that is it for catching rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go, there also are suggestions about how Legendary Pokemon could be brought to the game. Our bet is on events like the one where people were tasked to battle MewTwo.

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