Pokemon GO Poffins and Buddy Pokemon Guide

Pokemon Go recently introduced a new Buddy Pokemon system and with it some Poffin items that affect your relationship and we have all the details about it

Pokemon GO, the game that shook up the entire world motivating everyone to become a real-life Pokemon Master. Training Pokemon isn’t just about leveling them up, it’s also about how close you are to them, and that closeness can be affected by new items introduced into the game known as Poffin items which will help to increase your Buddy Level with your caught Pokemon costing 100 PokeCoins each. For the detailed Pokemon GO Poffins and Buddy Pokemon system, read on below.

Pokemon GO Poffins and Buddy Pokemon

Your buddy Pokemon is much like Ash’s Pikachu in the series, by your side all the time.

The more your buddy level is with a said Pokemon, the greater will be your bonding experience.

The buddy level is directly affected by playing with said buddy, feeding it treats, battling and exploring alongside it.

Just recently, a new update has introduced Poffin items which help in increasing the buddy level with your Pokemon; can be bought for 100 Pokecoins each.

To play with your buddy, you need to click on the icon on the bottom left and tap Play. This will then initiate the bonding experience. You will now have to do specific things with your Pokemon, one of them being petting them.


Hold your finger on the screen and then simply pretend to rub them on the screen.  As you do this, your Pokemon will show visual cues of being extremely happy because of the bonding experience (Yay!).

Once your Pokemon has had enough for the day, a heart will pop up on the top of their head, which is essentially an indicator that you have done your deed for the day.

Feed your Pokemon berries and this will increase your buddy level, you will also be able to see your Pokemon right behind you on the map, following you around on your adventure across the Pokemon world.

You can also give your buddy a treat through the buddy profile page. The best thing is, each Pokemon reacts differently when you interact with it in Augmented Reality. (Make sure you have AR+ enabled in settings)

Unlocking New Buddy Pokemon Perks
As your bond grows stronger with your Pokemon, you will unlock various perks, which is a fun little addition to the game, motivating you to get closer to your entire digital roster of Pokemon really adding to that roleplaying experience.

Being a Good Buddy with your Pokemon allows you to see your Pokemon right behind you on the map. This will be the start of your friendship and you will be able to monitor your relationship on the buddy profile page.

Great Buddy will give your Pokemon the ability to help you out in Pokemon encounters, while also bringing you items that will help you out in your Pokemon GO journey.

Ultra Buddy enables your Pokemon to take note of interesting locations across the map, along with your buddy bringing you souvenirs which can be tracked through the buddy profile page.

Best Buddy means you have reached the final rank with your Pokemon and for this you will receive a Best Buddy Ribbon to show off your friendship. Best Buddies get a CP boost in combat as well.

How to improve your relationship with your Pokemon
Getting closer to your Pokemon requires you to earn affection with it which is measured by hearts.

To earn hearts, spend time with your buddy, battle with it, play with it, feed it and take pictures of it.

Make sure to pet it for the day too, they really love that! Higher your affection, the greater your Pokemon’s mood will be.

The best mood for your Pokemon means it will be able to find Candy at much shorter distances, the number of hearts per each action will double and you will be able to earn bonus hearts as well.

You can check the buddy profile page to check your progress with your buddy. Everything such as the Pokemon’s mood, the daily activities you can do with your buddy, and your buddy level, everything is displayed here.

Improve your connection with your Pokemon to earn various advantages and grow closer to your entire roster to have that slight advantage in battles!

Hopefully, you haven’t been neglecting your Pokemon, and if you have, you better get to work.

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