Pokemon Go Leaks New And Never Seen Before Pokemon, First Look At 8 Gen?

Pokemon Go has been here for some time and we all know how much addictive that game can turn out to be. Pokemon Go includes a huge list of Pokemon including every previous one from older games and more but according to the latest leaks, we have got our first look at the brand new Pokemon that hasn’t been announced yet.

A well-known data miner, Charles on Twitter found this new announced Pokemon while scanning game’s network traffic and it has amazed us all as it’s never seen before. It’s been made clear by Nintendo that the upcoming Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! on Switch is going to include a brand new Pokemon and will be also linked to Pokemon Go so the excitement is real.

Charles shared two images on his twitter which you can look at below called Gen 3 Pokemon Kecleon but doesn’t look like it. Interestingly, the unity files of these new Pokemon comes tagged with ID #891 but as it’s known, only 802 Pokemon belong to Gen 7 making this Pokemon a creature from Gen 8.

Now, these hexagonal looking nuts are looking to come in shiny and regular versions. Though it’s also been said that these can be placeholders for a Pokemon that’s in progress.

Afterwards, Chrales went on Twitch to stream live to show that this new characters includes idle animation and comes with a full 3D model telling us that it’s not a placeholder but an actual new Pokemon.

According to another theory by Forbes:

It’s from Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee – The GO integrated Switch game is coming out in just a few months, and it will introduce at least a small handful of new Pokémon with it. Given that GO is highly integrated into this game, it makes sense that Niantic would be crafting art for potential new Let’s Go Pokémon at this point.

No matter what it really is, it’s pretty sure that it wasn’t meant for the public. As for Pokemon Go, the latest addition to the game are Lucky Pokemon and we have a complete guide for you to catch one of them.

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