Pokemon Go Moltres Boss Guide

In this Pokemon Go Guide, we have explained how you can defeat the legendary raid boss Moltres.

This Fire and Flying type Pokemon has a raid boss CP of 28,000 and a Max Capture CP of 3,272. As can be expected from a legendary raid boss, Moltres in Go can be a challenge to take on even if players have the right counters.

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Pokemon Go Moltres Boss

Moltres is tough raid boss; it is a flying and fire type Pokemon with an exceptional defense of 181 and a huge CP of 3465, 251 attack and stamina of 207. It fights best in the windy and sunny weather.

The best moves of Moltres’s are Sky Attack (17.19 DPS) and Fire Spin. It is weak against Rock, Electric or Water-type Pokemon.

Moltres is vulnerable to Rock, Electric and Fire type Pokemon so players should make sure they have those in their team.

With either one of these types, players can deal considerably more damage to Moltres and if they are lucky, they might even get to capture it for their own use.

An ideal pick for the team would be Golem thanks to its Rock Throw and Stone Edge abilities. Similarly, Omastar’s Rock Throw and Rock Slide can also be useful alongside Feraligatr’s Water Gun and Hydro Pump.

Basically, any high-quality Pokemon with those moves can be highly useful against the Legendary Moltres.

However, since the damage of Rock type Pokemon almost doubles when fighting Moltres, it is a better idea to use those if players have the option.

When going up against Moltres, players should keep the following Pokemon types away from the battle as they are extremely weak against this Fire and Flying type so fighting with them would not only be pointless but also costly.

Takes 50% extra damage from Moltres.

50% extra damage from Moltres.

Takes 70% extra damage from Moltres.

Takes 71% extra damage from Moltres.

Takes 71% extra damage from Moltres.

The best Pokemon to use against Moltres are Feraligatr, Golem, Gyarados, Omastar, Tyranitar, and Vaporeon.

Starting with Feraligatr, it is a Water type Pokemon so it has a type advantage. Use Water Gun and Hydro Pump moveset and it is a good damage dealer.

Next up is Golem. Golem is a Rock/Ground type Pokemon and enjoys the type advantage. Use Rock Throw and Stone Edge moveset and deal maximum damage.

Next, we have is Gyarados. It is a water/flying type Pokemon. Use Dragon Tail and Hydro Pump and you should be good.

Omastar is also a Rock/Water type that has a type advantage against Moltres. Use Rock Throw and Rock Slide for maximum efficiency. Tyranitar is a Rock/Dark type Pokemon.

Use Bite and Stone Edge for damage dealing. Vaporeon is also a good choice since it is a Water type and will have a great type advantage over Moltres. Use Water Gun and Hydro Pump.

So, with these, you will have no problem defeating Moltres and add him to your collection.

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