Pokemon Go Lugia Guide

In this Pokemon Go Lugia Guide, we will tell you all about Pokemon Lugia best moves and winning tips. With the addition of Legendaries in GO, Lugia has been finally added to the game as well.

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Pokemon Go Lugia

Lugia is a legendary Psychic and Flying-type with a maximum CP of 3703, 193 attack, 310 defense and 235 stamina.

You would encounter Lugia in GO in Residential during the night, Grassy Areas Locations as it is a Psychic and Flying-type. Although it can only be captured after defeating it in a Raid Battle.

Lugia Best Moveset

Two best Lugia Movsets that are best to use against your enemies are

  • Extrasensory and Futuresight
  • Dragon Tail and Futuresight

The best move combinations for Lugia are Extrasensory and Futuresight, or Dragon Tail and Futuresight. These sets are determined to have the highest DPS out of Lugia’s entire move-set.

You can certainly experiment with other options, but if you are looking for the absolute highest DPS, Extrasensory and Futuresight, or Dragon Tail and Futuresight are the way to go. Here is a look at Lugia’s full move-set so you can see all of the damage values if you would like to try a different combination.

Lugia Complete Moveset

Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Dragon Tail (Dragon) Futuresight (Psychic) 15/120 29.00 34.60
Extrasensory (Psychic) Futuresight (Psychic) 12/120 27.65 34.60
Dragon Tail (Dragon) Shy Attack (Flying) 15/70 24.30 28.70
Extrasensory (Psychic) Shy Attack (Flying) 12/70 22.95 28.70
Dragon Tail (Dragon) Hydro Pump (Water) 15/130 26.50 26.50
Extrasensory (Psychic) Hydro Pump (Water) 12/130 25.15 26.50

Weak Against

  • Dark Type (1.4x)
  • Ghost Type (1.4x)
  • Electric Type (1.4x)
  • Ice Type (1.4x)
  • Rock Type (1.4x)

Strong Against

  • Fighting Type (0.51x)
  • Psychic Type (0.71x)
  • Grass Type (0.71x)
  • Ground Type (0.71x)

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