Pokemon Go Incense Guide – How to Effectively Use Incense

In Pokemon Go, using items like Incense, Lucky Egg, Egg Incubator and Lure Module are the helping hands you can use to get your hands on more Pokemon in your quest to catch em all!

We will discuss each one of them and how you can use them properly in different guides, while this one is dedicated to one of the more important one i.e. Incense.

The need for this Pokemon Go Incense guide is to make clear how this thing can actually help catch more Pokemon as promised by Niantic, and also because it is a clearly confusing item for some.

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Pokemon Go Incense Guide

Basically, Incense is a special item among many that, when activated, can draw Pokemon that are in the nearby areas where you are using it. As a result, the Pokemon are going to be pulled to you themselves.

When you start Pokemon Go, you will be given two Incense, but luckily it is one of those items that can also be found in-game and also can be purchased. The price table is the following:

  • 80 PokeCoins – 1 Incense
  • 500 PokeCoins – 8 Incense
  • 1,250 PokeCoins – 25 Incense

In addition to this, you receive x1 Incense at Trainer Level 5, 7, 10, 15, and x2 at Trainer Level 20.

It is important to mention here that the effects of Pokemon Go Incense stack. Moreover, Pokemon that appear under the effects of Incense disappear in about 2.5 minutes instead of usual 15 minutes.

It also goes without saying that Incense will not bring Pokemon near your location. It will just spawn them in a location and you will have to head there in order to get them. Lastly, if you are looking to Power Level in the game, you can use Incense along with Lucky Eggs and gain double XP for every capture.

That being said, just like getting to the gym requires level five, getting Incense in the PokeStops will also require you to be at level five.

Now that we have gotten this out of the way, let’s get on with how you can use it. When you wish to catch more Pokemon together, just tap on the Poke Ball, then hit Items and select Incense.

Once you do that you will see the Incense hover above you in the screen, tapping it again will activate it. The ball of gas that appear next is going to last for 30 minutes whether you are online or offline, so make the best of it. Your team can also benefit from it.

Do keep in mind that legendary Pokemon or the rarest breeds won’t just come at you like you are free food, but you will be at better odds of getting more Pokemon that are nearby and maybe even some uncommon ones in Pokemon Go.

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