Pokemon Go Gyms Guide – How to Take Over High Level Gyms with Low CP Pokemon

Pokemon Go gyms can be found scattered throughout the map. However, you will not be able to enter one before you are at least Level 5.

Once you are Level 5, you will be asked to choose a team. Although this does not have any real implication, you should try and go for the same color which most of your nearby Pokemon Go gyms are.

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Pokemon Go Gyms Guide – How to Win Battles with Low CP Pokemon

Our Pokemon Go gyms guide focuses on taking over an enemy gym and winning more battles using a low CP Pokemon.

Those who have played Pokemon Go will know that it is hard to take on a 500 CP Pokemon using a 200 CP one. Although CP difference does not matter much and one has to consider Pokemon-Type as well, it cannot be neglected!

Pokemon Go Gyms Trick – How to Take Over Gyms Using Low CP Pokemon

This Pokemon Go gym trick requires strict timing, precision and can be used against you if you are not careful enough. The trick essentially revolves around yellow flash that appears whenever your Pokemon is about to get hit during a gym battle.

The idea is to immediately dodge whenever you see the yellow flash, quickly attack, rinse and repeat! When executed properly, you should be able to win battles without getting hit even once.

To reiterate, you basically need to swipe twice to either side whenever you see the yellow flash and perform a quick attack after the dodge animation is complete. It is crucial that you only quick-attack after the dodge animation, otherwise the opponent will be able to use the technique on you.

Another important thing that you need to note here is to avoid special attacks as they leave your Pokemon open to counter-attacks. Moreover, it has been proven to work against Pokemon having 200-300 CP difference and no more.

This is all we have on Pokemon Go gym battle tips and tricks guide. Do make sure to let us know if it worked for you in the comments section below!

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