Pokemon Go Gym Defenders Guide – Best Gym Defenders

Pokemon Go Gym Defenders Guide to help you choose the best defender for your gym in Pokemon Go, the last year’s sensational Pokemon Go game by Niantic. With the latest Pokemon Go Gym update, it is very important that you choose a very good gym defender.

You will find a lot of Pokemon to be very good gym defenders however, you need a Pokemon that is very hard to defeat as a defender. This guide lists some of the toughest Pokemon that can guard your gyms without letting you down.

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Pokemon Go Gym Defenders Guide

In our Pokemon Go Gym Defenders Guide, we’ve listed what we think are best Gym Defenders in the game.

Pokemon Go Best Gym Defenders

Blissey is one of the toughest Pokemon to beat just because it takes nearly double the time to defeat one than any other normal Pokemon. It also has a very high max CP which adds to its toughness and has a very tough to argue move set.

While you are selecting a defender, always make sure it has a high max CP and Dragonite is one of the highest max CP Pokemon in the game. Coupled with high damage output, Dragonite is a solid choice for your gym defender.

Gyarados has very high max CP as well. Along with the high max CP, its attack Dragon tail is formidable and is unresisted in most cases making it a very tough Pokemon to beat. Most of the Pokemon will take a great amount of time to bring down a Gyarados.

Rhydon does not has the most highest of max CPs but it has relatively high max CP when compared with most of the Pokemon. Although it has two double weaknesses, it still manages to hold the gym on its own against a large number of Pokemon. It is not the best of the defenders but it is a good option to consider over a lot of other Pokemon.

Snorlax is also one of those Pokemon who will drag battles for a long time. It also has a very high max CP. There are not many Pokemon in Pokemon Go that can easily defeat a Snorlax and even those who offer a good fight will take a very large amount of time bringing it down.

The Tyranitar has very high damage and an extremely high maximum CP. These two qualities makes it one the best gym defenders in Pokemon Go. It has very few counters but it can dish out a large amount of damage even in losing situations.

This concludes our Pokemon Go Gym Defenders Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to do so in the comments section below!

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