Pokemon GO Ultra Sun And Moon Outfits Guide

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon outfits guide to help you learn all about getting the costumes in Niantic's Pokemon Go for mobile phones.

This Pokemon Go Guide will help you acquire Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon outfits in the mobile game.

How to Acquire Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Outfits in Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO took the world by storm and is still going strong. You can click here to check out the legendary Pokemon.

If you do not know about the costumes inspired by Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon that you can get in Pokemon GO then you can check them out in the image below. Outfits for both male and female trainers have been included.

In order to get these Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon costumes, all you need to do is go to the shop and get them.

You need not worry about spending any money as they are free as part of the campaign for Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon. You can head over to the wardrobe in order to equip these items and change your Avatars look in Pokemon GO.

There have been plenty of Pokemon GO events since the game came out but this is the first time that Pokemon GO has been used in order to promote another Pokemon game.

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Let us know what you think about these Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Costumes in Pokemon GO and whether or not you are going to redeem them to change your look in the game!

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