Pokemon Go Dev Net Worth to be $4 Billion After Recent Funding

Niantic Labs is the mastermind behind developing a global phenomenon today known as Pokemon Go. Niantic Labs was never this big as it was a Google subsidiary before launching the successful Pokemon Go.

Niantic Labs, a San Francisco company is still growing and according to the latest reports, Niantic has managed to raise $200 million from a funding.

The Wall Street Journal shares to us that this $200 million helps the company to take its total worth close to a $4 billion. This $200 million comes from a venture capital firm IVP. This funding shows us how the investors still believe and have faith in the mobile developer. They also realize how the craze of Pokemon Go is still on-going despite the game initially launching back in 2016.

Pokemon Go is always being downloaded. US app charts mention Pokemon Go among the top 200 app titles in terms of most downloads. Though it’s currently unknown where this funding will go towards at Niantic.

The company behind Pokemon Go is reportedly working on a Harry Potter game called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite so this is where they might be putting their money into. Harry Potter: Wizards is also an augmented reality game which allows you to play as Harry while learning magic and do more as you progress. It can turn out to be another success if the company follows the same path.

PokemonGo microtransactions are the reason why the company is still earning loads of cash. According to SensorTower, Go managed to generate $80 million worldwide in November from in-game microtransactions.

The developer recently teased the addition of PVP in the game. This new feature allows you to take on someone else’s Pokemon. Pokemon Go now supports trainer Battles which were not possible before. You can now go to the “Nearby” menu and press “Battle” section which will then allow you to scan other trainer’s QR code to start a Trainer Batte.

This new feature will allow the PoGO players to fight against Ultra friends or with Best friends anywhere you like. You will be able to choose from Great League, Ultra League, and Master League and afterward, pick three Pokemon to start a duel.

As a result, the winner and loser of each duel will receive some exciting rewards. You can watch the trailer as it shows a player getting Sinnoh Stone.

A new holiday event has been also announced for Pokemon Go. This Pokemon Go holiday event allows the players to earn some bonuses, hatch Eggs easily and discover Sinnoh region Pokemon much easily.

This winter holiday event starts tomorrow on December 18 in Pokemon Go. This holiday event will also bring a hat wearing Pikachu to the game for a limited time so don’t miss out.

Now that’s not all as more Gen 4 Pokemon and Ice Type Pokemon will now appear in the world. Three Legendary Pokemon can be also spotted from the promotional image.

Pokemon Go is now available to play on iOS and Android devices.

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