Pokemon Go Fossil Pokemon Event Guide

Another event is presently underway in Pokemon Go. In a surprise move, Niantic started the Pokemon Go Fossil Pokemon Event and our guide has all the information you will need.

Pokemon Go Fossil Pokemon Event

Niantic is proceeding with the pattern of tossing each Pokemon conceivable into 7km Eggs in Pokemon Go. Presently, the developer is constraining the pool of potential creatures that can hatch once you walk the required distance to simply Fossil Pokemon.

This is a constrained time change, however, the fossil-enabled 7km Eggs are obtainable in gifts you get from companions in Pokemon Go.

Omanyte, Lileep, Tirtouga, Anorith, Kabuto, Cranidos, Shieldon, Aerodactyl, and Archen are presently the main Pokemon that you can hatch from those 7km Gift Eggs. Basically, all the 7KM eggs in the game will exclusively give you fossil pokemon.

Fossil Pokemon are typically tough to encounter, so this is a simple method to either include the ones you don’t have to your Pokedex or get a couple to start training up.

This means new 2km, 5km, and 10km Eggs you get will never again hatch Fossil Pokemon as long as this event is going on. For the duration of this change, Riolu will hatch from 10km Eggs rather than 7km like it generally does.

This proceeds with the pattern of Niantic concentrating on putting rare Pokemon in the 7km Eggs, which you aren’t ensured to get from gifts.

There’s additionally a 10 Egg limit on everybody’s profile and you can’t discard the old Eggs, which implies you have to hatch your older eggs if you wanna participate in that event.

Niantic may need to begin to expand where it puts the Pokemon soon to provide the trainer with more reasons to hatch different Eggs rather than simply getting disappointed when the Egg they get isn’t 7km once this change is finished.

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