Pokemon Go is the Fastest Mobile Game to Reach $600 Million in Revenue

Pokemon Go released a few months ago and instantly become a massive hit. One of the biggest games on iOS and Android right now, Pokemon Go is Nintendo and The Pokemon Company’s crown jewel in the smartphone market.

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According to the latest stats, Pokemon Go is the fastest mobile game to reach $600 million in revenue. Even though its growth is slowing down, it is still the biggest smartphone game in history.

According to market researcher App Annie, Pokemon Go reached the $600 million mark in just 90 days. For the sake of comparison, Candy Crush Saga took over 200 days to hit $600 million. Meanwhile, Puzzle & Dragons took over 400 days while Clash of Clans took 500 days.

It is safe to say that it would take a long time before another smartphone game break this record. Such a big success makes you wonder if Nintendo should bring more of its games to other platforms.

Nintendo as a game developer can earn more than it does as a console manufacturer. According to a Tokyo-based analyst, if Nintendo NX fails to make a mark in the console space, Nintendo may not have any other option but develop games for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and smartphones.

Another flop in launching new hardware should be a sign that Nintendo is better off providing its rich game title franchises to smartphones, Sony and Microsoft.

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