Pokemon Go Evolution CP Multiplier Guide – Know How Much CP Your Pokemon Gains After Evolution

Unlike earlier Pokemon iterations, there is no individual Pokemon leveling in Pokemon. Instead of it, there is Trainer Level and a Pokemon’s prowess is determined by two factors increased by Pokemon Go Evolution and powering up individual Pokemon.

These two factors are Hit Points (HP) which determine how much damage a Pokemon can absorb before fainting and Combat Points (CP) which determine how much damage a Pokemon can dish out during the course of battle.

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Pokemon Go Evolution CP Multiplier

Depending upon Trainer Level, a player can capture Pokemon having high HP and CP. Furthermore, it is also possible to increase these stats by undergoing Pokemon Go Evolution and Pokemon Go Power Up.

Pokemon Go CP Multiplier Findings

Both these things require specific in-game items – StarDust primarily in order to Power Up a Pokemon and Candy primarily in order to undergo Pokemon Go Evolution. One important thing to note here is that StarDust is a universal item and can be used on any Pokemon, but Candy is Pokemon-specific.

To better understand this, if you wish to evolve Dodou, you will need Dodou Candy to do so. These items are acquired by capturing Pokemon. For every successful capture, you will get x3 StarDust and Candy for the particular Pokemon you managed to capture.

Now that we know how Pokemon Go CP works, there is currently no way of knowing how much of a CP boost a Pokemon gets when it undergoes Pokemon Go Evolution. The only way to find out is to complete the evolution process.

A Reddit user Carlitocarlin created a community-driven spreadsheet detailing how much a CP boost does a Pokemon gain after undergoing Pokemon Go Evolution. The reason as to why the spreadsheet is community-driven is once a user triggers Pokemon evolution, he/she submits the findings in a small questionnaire which is then added to the spreadsheet.

Since the findings are all community driven, the creator has also warned against potential trolls and has promised to keep on double-checking facts to prevent it. Coming to a few examples, Clefairy has a minimum CP multiplier of 1.00 and a maximum multiplier of 2.22. The spreadsheet is currently a work-in-progress, but you can find it here.

Moreover, if you are looking forward to contribute anything, check out this neat survey.

Pokemon Go is now available on iOS and Android based devices in select regions.

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