Pokemon Go Egg Hatching Cheats – How Exactly Egg Hatching Works

Pokemon Go Egg Hatching Cheats and secrets to help you accurately determine how to hatch Pokemon Go eggs in the most efficient way.

One of the biggest misconceptions that I have come across regarding Pokemon Go Egg Hatching is that you need to walk/run the exact distance i.e. 2KM, 5KM, or 10KM in order to hatch a Wild Pokemon.

However, those of you who have been playing the game must have noticed that Pokemon Go app does not accurately register the distance. You will find plenty of reports on this online with players complaining that even after walking 20KM and having a Pokemon Egg in an Incubator, the 10KM egg does not get hatched.

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Pokemon Go Egg Hatching Cheats

Our Pokemon Go Egg Hatching Cheats guide aims at helping you determine what are some of the factors that Pokemon Go app takes into account or completely neglects, especially when it comes to Pokemon Go Egg Hatching.

This will essentially allow you to hatch your Pokemon Go more effectively and without needing to run/walk more than required – unless you are doing it for the sake of exercise.

No Pedometer

This is something that a lot of players are discovering lately. As noted by a redditor Davedamon, while playing Pokemon Go at the office, his avatar jumped halfway down the street. However, before GPS could resolve itself, the avatar returned to its original position and an egg hatch triggered.

All this happened while the guy did not even touch his phone, but according to GPS, the phone had moved 500 meters down the road which is what triggered the egg hatch – distance not steps.

Distance Tracking is Not Accurate at All!

Contrary to the popular belief, Pokemon Go does not accurately calculate your data including all the turns, exact route, deviation, and other minor details. Instead it kind of works like Ingress using refresh displacement measurement.

How it exactly works is that the app notes your location, waits for a certain amount of time, notes your location once again, and calculates the distance between the two points. What this essentially means is that if you are walking down a weaving path and your final position is somewhat close to your initial distance, Pokemon Go will calculate the distance in straight line which can be far less than your total covered distance.

Another important thing that you need to note here is that you must have Pokemon Go open in order for it to register the distance. If your app is running in the background, it will not work! Moreover, as evident from the example above, it is better to walk/run in a straight line instead of weaving, circular paths. You can experiment with this yourself and report your findings with us in the comments below!

How Exactly GPS Works in Pokemon Go

Unlike apps like RunKeeper or Strava which accurate your distance travelled very accurately, Pokemon Go takes a different approach. Instead of continuously sending your location to the servers, Pokemon Go essentially pings your location to the server once in a while.

This is done in order to stop the servers from crashing and in order to conserve your Mobile Data. Once it successfully pings your location, it lets the server calculate the distance covered between two straight points, and reports the data back to your device.

With these things in mind, you should be able to figure out why your 10KM Pokemon Eggs did not hatch even after you have walked 20KM at normal speed without trying to cheat the game.

This is all we have on Pokemon Go Egg Hatching Cheats Guide. If there is something else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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