Pokemon Go Downloads Pass Candy Crush As Biggest Mobile Game

Pokemon Go downloads appear to have done the impossible: they’ve surpassed the amount of downloads that Candy Crush has gotten. The Bejeweled clone, where you match various kinds of candy to gain points, became infamous for its popularity with gamers, and especially for its microtransactions, where you could buy more tries after exhausting them for a day.

Candy Crush also became infamous due to patent trolling several years ago, when it attempted to copyright the word “Saga” in fear of the Oregon Trail/Adventure/Turn-based tactical RPG game “The Banner Saga” somehow confusing gamers. Yeah, I don’t get it either.

The number of Pokemon Go downloads are likely due to a number of factors that allowed it to surpass Candy Crush. For one thing, Pokemon has been one of the top-selling games on the market every time a game has come out, and has a wide variety of media associated with it that has made millions of Pokemon fans across the world.

The game’s lack of intrusive microtransactions (you can grab pretty much every item by visiting a PokeStop or leveling up) can also be a factor, as opposed to Candy Crush, where you’ll eventually have to buy additional tries to continue playing.

Pokemon Go’s lead over Candy Crush will likely only expand as the game increases its reach. Right now it’s only available in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, and it’s already passed 15 million downloads. With Nintendo and Niantic already working on bringing the game to Canada, South America, and Europe, the number of downloads will likely skyrocket when that happens.

Pokemon Go downloads will then go even higher once the game finally comes to Japan, the home territory of Nintendo and Pokemon itself. Though that’s where the first Pokemon Go beta began, Japan has yet to actually acquire the full game.

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