Pokemon Go CP Farming Guide – Get Highest CP Pokemon, How to Power Up Pokemon

Pokemon Go CP Farming tips with easy Pokemon Go CP Farming Methods to get highest CP Pokemon and understand how to Power Up Pokemon and Evolve them.

There is no concept of leveling up individual Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Instead of individually leveling up Pokemon, you level up as a Trainer and capture more powerful Pokemon.

The general effectiveness of a Pokemon in battle is determined by two things – Combat Points or CP and Hit Points or HP. As a general rule of thumb, you always need to find a Pokemon that has high CP and HP values.

CP essentially determines how much damage a Pokemon can deal to another Pokemon. HP, on the other hand, determines how much damage a Pokemon can withstand from another Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go CP Farming Guide

Our Pokemon CP Farming Guide essentially revolves around getting your hands on Pokemon that have high CP values.

Pokemon Go CP Farming Tips – How to

The first thing that you need to do is to catch every Pokemon you come across! Surely you will capture duplicates, but remember that you will also be getting Stardust, Candies, and loads of experience. Moreover, you will be able to trade in duplicates with Professor Willow and get more Candies.

Since capturing Pokemon requires PokeBalls, you need to visit every PokeStop that you come across. Once again, this will allow you to farm PokeBalls, Potions, and huge amount of XP. After you hit Level 5, you need to hit gym. If you come across an empty one, toss in a weak Pokemon and move on!

Always remember that you need a strong Pokemon to contest already occupied gyms. When going against other trainer, pay close attention to strengths and weaknesses in addition to average CP. Whenever you come across a friendly gym, train there in order to increase its Prestige and throw in more Pokemon which will make it difficult for people to contest it.

You also need to expand your inventory! This can be done by spending real money. However, if you have a lot of gyms, you need to head over to Store every 21 hours and get your hands on 10 PokeCoins and 500 StarDust. This is why it is important to pay heed to gyms in the game.

How to Power Up and Evolve Pokemon

If you check your Pokedex, you will see two options under a Pokemon – Power Up and Evolve. Powering up a Pokemon requires a special item called StarDust and Evolution requires Candy. Both these items do not mean much at the very beginning of the game, but become one of the most sought-after items later in the game.

One important thing that you need to bear in mind is that StarDust is universal and can be used to power up any Pokemon while Candy is Pokemon-specific.

Every time you capture a Pokemon, you get x100 StarDust and its specific x3 Candy say Bulbasaur Candy. Aside from this, being a member of a gym provides x100 StarDust every 21 hours. Keeping these things in mind and using items like Incense and Lure Modules, you can easily farm these items use them power up or evolve your Pokemon.

Understanding Power Up and Evolution Mechanics

After doing all the steps above, you need to select a Pokemon with the highest CP and trade all its duplicates for its Candy. Once done, continue to Power Up the Pokemon using StarDust and Candy until you have Candy for an Evolution and go with it!

You will notice an arc bar filling up above the Pokemon as you continue to power it up. From what we have gathered, each evolution in the game has different maximum CP based on Pokemon, Trainer Level, and Evolution Level.

Take the example of a Bulbasaur with maximum CP of 50 and current CP of 25. This essentially means that its arc bar is 50% filled! If you hit the evolution and change it to Ivysaur with a maximum CP of 1000, it will get to 500 since the arc bar was at 50%. Other than this, currently there is no knowing whether height/weight has any effects or not!

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This is all we have on our Pokemon Go CP Farming Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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